Future of Data Visualization and Insights in Market Research Lunch and Learn

Holly Carter

Holly Carter

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Author Bio

Recently, Confirmit and Women in Research (Wire) joined forces to help Market Researchers take advantage of innovations in data visualization, reporting, and storytelling to positively impact the bottom line at our New York City Market Research Lunch and Learn.

I was the event’s first speaker, discussing a topic about which we Product Marketing people are very passionate – storytelling. Whether you are preparing a PowerPoint, putting together a report, or a creating a dashboard, the best way to ensure your clients understand your research findings is to tell a compelling story with the data. In Market Research, this is often easier said than done, however! Storytelling is a mix of art and science and without the right tools and training, it can be an impossible feat.

In the presentation, I talked about the need to leverage multi-channel/multi-source data to tell a comprehensive and engaging story. We discussed how Market Researchers can create a compelling, data-driven story to organize and explain research findings while driving action in their client organizations. Most importantly we talked about the importance of sharing the data’s story in real time, using appropriate data visualizations.

Following my presentation, I was joined on stage by Jenny Karn, the co-founder of Beautler Ink, a company specializing in data visualization. Jenny and I enjoyed a fireside chat discussing best practices, benefits, and the challenges associated with data visualization in research. We also spent some time talking about trends, market changes, and the future of data visualization. As the presentation made clear, data visualization is an important tool for professionals in all fields. At least 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every single day. Concise charts and intuitive interfaces help us process that data deluge and convey important insights to key audiences.

Our final speaker for the day, the one who really drove the point home was Erica Pondillo, the Global Research Manager for Radius Global Market Research. Radius Global is a Confirmit customer and they’ve got data visualizations down to a science! In her presentation, Erica was able to show us how Radius uses visualizations to bring insights to life.


For those who weren’t able to attend, you really did miss an excellent event! But, you don’t have to miss out on the learnings we shared at the event. We have reference materials which you might find very helpful. Check them out at the links below or find out about upcoming events here.


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