New Fieldwork Reporting Capability: Top Takeaways

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Author Bio

With increasing pressure on Market Researchers to show quick top-level insights, efficiency is everything, and while the industry is rightly focused on speed, quality shouldn’t be sacrificed in its favor. Recently, Confirmit launched our brand new Fieldwork Reporting capability, providing out-of-the-box reporting with just one click. In this post I’ll explore some of the core features and benefits for our users.

Clients who use our Survey Designer module can benefit from the Fieldwork Report immediately, gaining instant access to key survey performance metrics, topline results, cross tabs, quota details, and survey verbatims. Our free (yes free!) one-click report is now available for use across any of your surveys. Data is displayed on an interactive dashboard using highly visual widgets that deliver clear at-a-glance insights which include:

  • Progress monitoring through key survey metrics such as trending responses, completion mode - so whether your respondent has completed on a mobile or desktop device, and insight into which questions are causing your respondents to drop off your survey, letting you know when you may need to make changes. Useful filtering tools are also available to help you drill down on your data, for example filtering by a specific time period.
  • Quota Summary is available with key information on all your quotas displayed along with your target and achieved figures. This handy feature ensures you always have the latest overview of how your quotas are performing.
  • Topline View gives you a snapshot of all the questions you’re using with lazy loading for a speedy experience.
  • Cross Tab features let you select up to three defined banners and tag the appropriate survey questions to produce clear results and derive complex insights with ease.
  • Verbatims allow you to see your open text comments in one at-a-glance view for immediate sight of your respondent text data.  

This functionality is built on our new Confirmit Studio platform which is being continuously updated in order to enhance our clients’ insights. Moving forward you will be able to completely customize your own one-click reports for a seamless and instant view of your most relevant data. 

Confirmit has been a leader in Market Research software for over 22 years, providing powerful, stable and market-leading technology to our clients. Our support team is always on hand to help you gather and understand your data and now with the one-click reporting capability we’re making things even easier for our users to get quick access to quality insights. To learn more, contact your account manager or the Confirmit Sales team.

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