Highlights from IIEX North America 2017

Holly Carter

Holly Carter

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Author Bio

2017 marked my third IIEX North America and I think this was the biggest and best one yet! The three day event was held in Atlanta at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Convention Center and was attended by nearly 1,000 people. The speaker line-up was impressive, including a wide variety of new and old speakers introducing the audience to exciting ideas and innovations that are driving the future of research.


I was really excited to be part of such a line up of amazing speakers. I was included in the Hershey’s Showcase track, an hour-and-a-half session exploring Hershey’s journey to learn more about their customers. The other speakers in the session explained how Hershey’s leveraged advanced research methods, such as emotion recognition, to develop a better understanding of consumers’ feelings about the brand.


Following those impressive presentations, my talk focused on analyzing and sharing the findings of such research with executives and other stakeholders in the organization to drive company-wide improvements. You see, despite a wealth of data, business leaders across the world continue to complain that they don’t have the insights they need and demand more than ever before from researchers.


Executives want game-changing insights in real time. So, we talked about how researchers can provide stakeholders with high-quality insights in a clear and easily understandable format that drives action and results. Specifically, we focused on how to tell your data’s story using dashboards and discussed best practices surrounding the use of data visualization.


To complement the the lessons on dashboards and data visualization, I showed several examples of Confirmit visualizations and dashboards that were particularly well designed. We talked through each visualization and examined what worked in detail.


Overall, I felt that the presentation went really well. The audience was engaged and there were quite a few great conversations following my talk. Based on these conversations I learned that data visualization and dashboards are really an area in which many market researchers struggle. While this wasn’t a complete surprise, I didn’t realize how much they struggled before these these conversations.


In addition to the presentation, I was able to provide them a few resources to help.You see, Confirmit’s analysis, reporting, dashboarding, and data visualization capabilities are second to none. And, that’s not just my biased opinion either. We’ve gotten kudos on these capabilities from our clients and top analyst firms. And, we have a ton of resources that can help researchers master this challenge!


That said, I thought this blog post may be a good opportunity to share a few resources with other researchers who may not have been able to attend my talk at IIEX. If you, like so many others are struggling with reporting, dashboards and data visualization, I recommend you check out the following assets. I think you’ll find them quite helpful!


Seeing is Believing: Data Visualization in Market Research

The Art and Science of Storytelling in Market Research

Confirmit’s Reporting Suite eBook

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