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Carolyn Hall

Carolyn Hall

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An established member of the Confirmit team, Carolyn plays an integral role in promoting Confirmit’s world leading solutions for Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Employee, and Market Research programmes to its global customer base. Confirmit is dedicated to ensuring that its solutions deliver business change and value and Carolyn is instrumental in sharing best practice and thought leadership with customers, partners and the analyst community.

Author Bio

What is the award?
This new award is intended to celebrate the continued evolution of the Market Research industry by recognizing some of the people driving innovation through their work. We will select 20 young people working in the MR market who we believe represent the future of the industry, whether that’s in their approach to technology, methodology, commercial approach – or something else.

What does “young” mean?
For the awards, young means in your twenties. All nominees must be under 30 on December 31st, 2016. Entrants over this age will not be considered for submission.

Do entrants need to be Confirmit customers?
No. Entrants must be in their twenties and employed in the Market Research industry, but do not need to be users of Confirmit’s solutions, nor work for companies who use our products. More information about eligibility criteria is available here.

What’s the submission process?
Submissions are made through an online form which is available here. There are 5 key questions and we recommend drafting your answers offline and pasting them into the online form to enable you to tweak and perfect your responses. The questions are:

  • Please provide a short biography of the nominee. Focus on their main achievements in their career, including factors such as papers written and contribution to the company, rather than qualifications or previous roles. (Max 150 words).
  • In which areas of Market Research does the nominee have greatest expertise, passion or talent? E.g. new methodologies, innovative application of technology, the role of social media in research, etc. Please describe how the nominee has demonstrated that expertise. (Max 250 words).
  • Please provide an example where the nominee’s innovative approach to Market Research has had a clear impact on the execution or results of a research program. (Max 250 words).
  • How do you feel that the nominee will impact the future of the Market Research world? In what disciplines, technologies, or evolutions do you see them playing a key role? (Max 350 words).
  • If there is anything else you’d like to tell us about the nominee that you think will boost their submission, please do so here. (Max 150 words).

Impress the judges with our submission tips and tricks.

Who are the judges?
Several members of the Confirmit Market Research team will be part of the judging panel. In addition, we have three industry experts. They are:

  • Szymon Duniec, Managing Director at Orima Research and former President of AMSRS
  • Bob Lederer, CEO of RFL Communications,
  • Jon Puleston, Vice President of Innovation at GMI Lightspeed.

What do winners receive?
All winners will receive a trophy, recognition in a press release and the opportunity to share their thoughts on the future of MR on the Confirmit blog. We’ll also be inviting them to be recognized at local Confirmit events where we’ll be able to share their success with their industry peers. Top winners will also receive a yet-to-be-confirmed special prize to help them further their success!

What’s the submission deadline?
The nomination process will close on Monday, November 28th.

When will winners be announced?
We’ll announce the winners in January 2017. Winners will be notified first and then we’ll issue a press release shortly afterwards.

I still have questions. Who do I ask?
You can email the awards team at MRAwards@Confirmit.com and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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