What Type of Market Researcher Are You? Find Out Now!

Wale Omiyale

Wale Omiyale

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Wale Omiyale has over a decade’s experience in the Market Research industry and has a detailed understanding of the issues facing the industry. Wale works closely with some of the world’s leading MR agencies, helping them to implement innovative programs using the most up-to-date data collection channels and practices available. 

Author Bio

Are you an Innovator? An Explorer? Do you think that Voice of the Customer is a brilliant new innovation, or the beginning of the end for serious Market Research?

How do you feel about data collection? Reporting? Social Media?

Market Research is an incredibly diverse industry, and the people who work across it are more diverse still. What’s often fascinating is that so many very different people, with disparate views on key elements of our work are able to work together so effectively. Each bringing their area of expertise and their own angle to help clients resolve research challenges.

What are your key strengths? Perhaps you’re a traditionalist who truly understands the importance of accurate data. Or someone who is totally focused on delivering business value, rather than purely data-based reports. In short, What Type of Market Researcher Are You?

The answer is now just a few clicks away! We’ve created a very short survey that will tell you your true Market Research persona. It’s just for fun, but we think you’ll enjoy it – and it’ll give you the chance to tell us where you think the future of Market Research lies. Is it “bright and in our hands” as one MR expert told us? Or “to be engulfed by Big Data” as another suggested?

In case you were wondering, I’m a Guru. That means that I’m “a critical player in the movement towards strategic MR”. I never doubted it….

What will your result be? Find out now and share your result on social media using #myMRpersona.

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