Top Tips to Minimize Survey Fatigue

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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How many times this week have you been invited to provide feedback by a company you’ve recently bought from? Survey fatigue is an important topic in Market Research, as respondents receive ever-increasing requests for feedback - and data quality can suffer as a result.

Respondents are sophisticated creatures and a one-size-fits-all approach to requesting feedback just isn’t good enough. For instance, web surveys perform very well, but what if they are opened on a mobile device and lead to a frustrating experience due to tiny buttons and hard-to-read scales? What if you’re catching respondents at the wrong time for them to respond?

In this short webinar, Miguel Ramos, Subject Matter Expert, Confirmit, shared top tips to consider when designing an engaging survey. Miguel talked about the following topics:

  •     Best practices for survey invitations and reminders
  •     Preloading of data to streamline the respondent experience
  •     Question types to avoid and those to perfect

You'll learn practical tips to help you reduce survey fatigue, boost response rates and improve data quality.



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