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Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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SurveyMy is one of the leading online and mobile Market Research companies working across Asia Pacific, providing a full range of data collection services.

SurveyMy is one of the leading online and mobile Market Research companies working across Asia Pacific, providing a full range of data collection services.



The team at SurveyMy Considers themselves pioneers in the implementation and use of Confirmit for online and mobile surveys in the region and is currently spearheading the use of Confirmit’s customizable mobile research solutions to carry out lifestyle studies that provide unique insight into consumer trends in South East Asia.


SurveyMy committed to Confirmit from the outset to deliver high quality online surveys in any language, by making extensive use of Confirmit’s sophisticated Market Research solution and providing its international clients with the reassurance that it was supported by one of the most widely used Market Research platforms in the world. 

In 2011, SurveyMy strengthened its ties with major database companies in APAC to further extend its online sample recruitment capability. It has also worked hard to establish sound relationships with online media, local social networks and online panel companies within the region in order to meet an increasingly broad range of online sample needs. 

“The expansion in our sample recruitment was fantastic, but the challenges posed by such a geographically vast terrain, which is flavored with many different cultures, customs, political and social ecosystems, are immense,” said Mizuno Toshisada, Managing Partner at SurveyMy. “It is extremely difficult to build an accurate picture of lifestyle drivers and choices in each individual country.

Established brands that are looking to enter this market or gain a firmer foothold in a particular sector are increasingly keen to build accurate in-depth profiles of potential customers so that they can identify the best way to market products and services to this region,” he added.

SurveyMy was quick to realize that the solution lay in maximizing the potential of the mobile phone. “Our goal was to be able to carry out lifestyle studies in the format of a multimedia diary that uses GPS to gather location-based data which would also enable us to map critical variations in geographical data,” Mizuno explained. “We wanted to improve our ability to capture relevant and immediate ‘in-the-moment’ insights so that we could create highly accurate, real-time profiles of individual consumer buying habits that would help our clients to develop highly tailored marketing and sales programs.”


The development of a sophisticated mobile solution by Confirmit provided SurveyMy with the platform it needed to add the mobile channel to its portfolio.  “Confirmit has a long track record as a reliable and proven Market Research solution and we were immediately confident that our experienced team of multi-lingual programmers would be able to harness their existing knowledge of Confirmit and develop a mobile application that would engage respondents in a new and exciting way,” commented Mizuno. 

The result is MobileMy, a mobile survey application based on Confirmit’s SODA (Software On-Demand Application) solution. This enables SurveyMy to offer a range of lifestyle studies to customers as a packaged service. Respondents install MobileMy on a smartphone or tablet (iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, Nokia), download the mobile survey in question, and select their preferred language from a choice of close to 30 options. They can also use the offline mode to answer the questionnaire if internet connectivity is not available. This capability also supports face-to-face (CAPI) interviews in the street and provides more immediate and accurate feedback than paper-based surveys are able to offer. Data can be collected and made available for review immediately after the interview, without any additional data entry work.

Key Benefits

 “Confirmit’s mobile solution has enabled us to solve very specific Market Research challenges and, quite simply, our decision to invest in Confirmit was the only logical choice to make,” said Mizuno.
Confirmit’s support for close to 30 languages – specifically the availability of Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Malay - was a huge advantage and something that other mobile solutions could not match. The breadth of mobile phone operating systems supported was also vital. Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows smartphones are growing in popularity in the area but the market for Blackberry is still very strong in Indonesia so the ability to offer surveys in a multi-OS environment was essential.

Mizuno also explained that as Internet connection is not reliable across all territories in South East Asia, the mobile environment and support for offline access to the MobileMy app, enables lifestyle diaries to be completed anytime, anywhere. Respondents can successfully answer a questionnaire, regardless of any disruptions to internet connection, which has improved respondent experience and increased response rates.
“Looking to the future, we are confident that Confirmit’s customizable solutions will continue to support the growth of our online and mobile research business across South East Asia, especially in developing countries like Myanmar and Indonesia where the power of the mobile channel is only just making its presence felt,” Mizuno concluded.

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