Show Me the Money: Realizing Return on Investment in Market Research

Holly DeMuro

Holly DeMuro

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Product Marketing Manager, Holly DeMuro holds two bachelors’ degrees in business and marketing and an MBA. With nearly 20 years’ experience in business and technology, Holly brings a wealth of insight into the application of Market Research and the customer experience.

Author Bio


Let’s face it, we’re in business to make a profit, right? In today’s competitive marketplace you need to be sure that every investment, be it in time or money, has a positive return. But, sometimes it seems that this is all easier said than done. For example, where can a Market Research firm hope to ‘find’ Return on Investment? How can they grow that ROI? And most of all, how can all this be measured?

In this webinar, Confirmit’s Holly DeMuro explored the two primary types of Return on Investment and how they apply to Market Research firms.

  • Revenue enhancement / margin protection
  • Cost reduction

She provided real-world examples and discussed often overlooked opportunities for revenue enhancement and cost reduction. Finally, she showed you how you can measure Return on Investment and discuss the dangers and ‘cost’ of doing nothing. 


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