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Confirmit Team

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Over the past few years, Research & Results has evolved to become one of the leading events for Market Research professionals in Europe. This year, over 3,000 people from more than 20 countries hit Munich under the motto “Connecting market intelligence”. As always, some of those 3,000 people were Confirmites, and not only was I one of them but I had the honor of presenting a couple of the break-out sessions over the course of the two days.

One of the great things about the event is the range of MR companies who attend. From the global giants of the industry to the tiny agencies who are driving some remarkable innovations, everyone is there and that leads to some fascinating conversations. And once you add the technology providers, statisticians and panel experts, it’s pretty safe to say that every facet of the MR world is represented!

One of the things that stood out to me this year was the focus on visualization. This was an area that came up in both presentations, demos and conversations over and over again, with a lot of people very keen to ensure that as an industry, Market Research is striving to ensure that the insights we gather are delivered in a way that really resonates with our clients. Given the trend over the past few years towards dashboards and mobile reporting over tabulations and grids, it’s hardly surprising that research agencies are working harder than ever to develop new ways to engage audiences for whom time is tight.

The other innovation that was evident was virtual reality. While the business case for VR may not yet be clear, it was fantastic to see that a number of MR companies are looking at ways to build it into their research activities in the near future. It’s a fascinating area, and one we’ve been playing with ourselves, and I’m pretty sure that over the next few iterations of Research & Results, we’ll be seeing more and more solid applications of the technology. After all, it’s not so long ago that online data collection resulted in a lot of raised eyebrows, and that worked out pretty well!

Notably, customer experience and innovation were two of the most popular topics for the workshop sessions – topics very close to our hearts at Confirmit, of course! The two sessions that I ran, “How do we live in a Data-Rich World?” and “The future of MR: Maximizing innovation opportunities and fighting survey fatigue” were certainly inspired by those topics, and given the number of comments and questions from the group, I think I learned as much as I explained! It certainly gave me more to think about when I run a more detailed version of the first session at ESOMAR’s Big Data World event in November in Berlin.

The Confirmit team had a great time meeting new people and catching up with old faces and from my perspective, it gave me plenty of food for thought as we continue looking to the future of our industry. Speaking of which, we’re running our Insight 2036 survey at the moment (which we also ran at the event) so if you have thoughts on where the MR will be in 20 years, make sure you take part!



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