Political Buzz: Why Social Media Counts

Wale Omiyale

Wale Omiyale

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Wale Omiyale has over a decade’s experience in the Market Research industry and has a detailed understanding of the issues facing the industry. Wale works closely with some of the world’s leading MR agencies, helping them to implement innovative programs using the most up-to-date data collection channels and practices available. 

Author Bio

The rise in use of social media platforms presents Market Researchers with exciting new ways of obtaining insights into consumer thinking, opinions and attitudes towards events of the day. Very little proven research has been conducted utilizing social media sources, and so Confirmit and SSI seized the opportunity to embark on an experimental study to compare and contrast traditional methods of data collection through online panels merged with social media data. Fortunately for us, the timing coincided perfectly with the start of the campaigning for the UK 2015 Parliamentary elections.

The UK 2015 Parliamentary election was a fiercely contested battle across multiple topics, with equally fierce protagonists pitching their respective positions against each other. To a large extent, many of these battles were gearing to take place across traditional media, with social media increasing in its importance as a means to pass a message across to the population.

This innovative study was based on the following aims:

  1. Run a traditional online panel study asking for opinions on a series of political topics
  2. Run a search around a cross-section of social media sites expressing opinion on the same topics
  3. Identify which topic generated the most social media buzz, and compare this to the quantitative response data, to determine possible correlation

In this webinar, Wale Omiyale, SVP, Market Research, Confirmit and Peter Cape, SSI, compared and contrasted insights gathered from traditional sources with insights from social media buzz.

You’ll learn:

  • The complementary nature of traditional and social research
  • Best practices for creating social media research projects
  • Whether this hybrid approach would have predicted the actual result!

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