Pacific Market Research Case in Brief

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Confirmit Team

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Pacific Market Research Case in Brief

Market Research methods are constantly changing and needed to be ready to adapt to those changes at all times. Pacific Market Research needed a partner that could keep up with the evolving industry and ensure ongoing success.



Founded in 1998 just outside of Seattle, WA, Pacific Market Research is one of the largest Market Research data collection companies on the West Coast.

In this case study, you'll learn how Pacific was able to meet their clients' demands for multi-country, multi-language surveys by implementing Confirmit Horizons.




  • A significant increase in clients who want to run surveys in multiple countries and languages 
  • The need of a faster and more accurate way to add language overlays to online surveys 
  • Robust and flexible capabilities that allow for complex programming of interactive surveys  


Pacific took advantage of several of Confirmit’s offerings, including: 

  • Confirmit Horizons (with add-on Translations and Enrapture packages) 
  • Confirmit Reportal 
  • Confirmit CAPI


  • Before 2014, Pacific took on about 6 projects a year that required translation. In 2014 the company began using Confirmit’s translator tool, which allowed them to take on nearly 30 projects in that year that required translations 
  • Pacific can input languages more quickly and accurately than programmers who don’t speak that language, saving time, money and frustration 
  • Pacific now confidently offers data collection in any language


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