New Frontiers in Market Research Data Collection

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Confirmit Team

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Only 37% of Market Research buyers (corporations) expect research spending to increase. In this report, we will explore some exciting new technology that will help you stay on the cutting edge of innovation.Market Research needs to evolve if it wants to survive. As Darwin pointed out,  it isn’t necessarily the strongest or the smartest that survive – but rather, those who are most responsive to change.



Evolution of Market Research

Over the past 100 years Market Research has gone through many changes -from the 1920s when Market Research emerged as a formally recognized discipline, through the development of new methodologies and techniques from 1930 onward. Since the 1970s we’ve seen an explosion in technological advances, from early computers to modern day smartphones. 

Remember, survival of the fittest is about adapting to these changes. And, many Market Researchers have – adopting web technology, email, and SMS for data collection, for example. Today technology is growing faster than ever and researchers are challenged to identify and adopt technologies that add value to the research process. In this ebook, we’ll explore top technologies you can leverage to maintain your competitive advantage in this competitive market. 

Users Prefer Apps to the Mobile Web

In order to identify the areas of opportunity, however, we must begin by looking at how mobile users are using their mobile devices. Research has shown that users dedicate more mobile time to using applications than searching the mobile web. And, considering the conveniences that applications offer, it isn’t much of a surprise that they are so wildly popular.

Apps Have Penetrated Virtually Every Part of Our Lives

Popular may be a bit of an understatement. As a matter of fact, apps have penetrated virtually every aspect of our lives, from monitoring health efforts to transportation to social interaction. Interestingly, many apps these days share a common feature.

Location is the Key to In-the-Moment Feedback

It should come as no surprise for the overwhelming majority of mobile users have enabled location on their mobile phone to facilitate app function. For mobile users, the main benefit of location services is the ability to “personalize” their mobile experience by tailoring results or apps services to their location.  
Mobile location features not only drive user downloads due to added convenience, but the feature also opens the door to a new opportunity for Market Researchers to leverage panelists location for deeper insights and in-the-moment feedback. 

Solution: Location & Beacon Triggered Surveys Deployed through a Fully-Branded Panelists’ App

Market Researchers can leverage a panelist’s location via a fully-branded panel app and their mobile phone’s GPS. With this technology you can deploy in-the-moment surveys. This powerful technique can be used for entrance and exit surveys to support customer research or competitive research, for example. For situations where GPS location isn’t precise enough, beacon technology can be an excellent solution. Beacons are small devices which leverage the panelist’s mobile Bluetooth and can be placed in strategic locations, for example, within a store. When a customer comes within a certain proximity of the beacon, a survey can be triggered. Beacons are excellent tools which can provide in-the-moment feedback and data pertaining to:

  • Quality of a particular display
  • Panelist’s path to purchase
  • Support the ‘next generation’ of mystery shopping

Explore Confirmit Location and Beacon Triggered Surveys

Understanding the behavior, needs, and wants of customers is the key to business success. For Market Researchers, it’s just not practical to manually observe large numbers of customers to identify behavior and seek meaningful feedback. With Confirmit Location Triggering, you can easily capture panelist location data through geo-fencing and/or using the more precise Beacon technology. You can analyze the data you collect alongside other rich sources of customer data and used to automatically initiate the appropriate next step. Leverage Confirmit Horizons to deploy surveys based on panelists’ location or proximity to a beacon. Using this technology, panelists receive a survey through a fully-branded app at the location of your choice. Your fully-branded app is constantly “listening” and when a panelist is within your specified proximity your survey is deployed.

Solution: Text Analytics 

Considering the importance of a consumer’s socially shared opinions, it is imperative that businesses know what is being said about their brand across all social channels, whether it’s Facebook or a user forum. Text analytics is technological solutions that enable businesses to analyze unsolicited feedback from sources like social media without manually sifting through the massive quantity of data produced across the Internet every day. Simple! For Market Research companies seeking new and innovative techniques and offerings, text analytics can provide a broader, more holistic research view.

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