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(With apologies to the movie with a similar name).

In the realm of collecting feedback from customers about product or service issues, it seems to me that we are only really just waking up to the significance of mobile. We’ve been talking about it for a good while and arguably, as an industry, we’ve been a little slow to act. But there is certainly a lot of action now, as evidenced by the great turn out at the recent MRMW and MMRA events in Amsterdam.

I have been particulary struck recently by the power of the message I am getting from the combination of three different pieces of data.

Firstly, from this piece of research which, in summary says...

In the first half of 2011, 20% of *all* email was opened on a mobile device. By the end of the year, that percentage had grown to 27%. You just have to look around at your fellow commuters on your way to work every day to see this in action. The rate at which we are consuming media (and email) on mobile is growing fast.

The study also says “Very few users open emails on multiple devices".

The theory that users opening (non-optimised) emails on mobile will simply save them for desktop reading later is not supported by these stats.

In more than 95% of the cases the email open is occurring on only one type of device, which removes one excuse not to optimise for mobile.”

And concludes with “You need to optimise the whole journey”.

For those of us wishing for folks to take our surveys, the implications are obvious. If you invite someome to take a web survey via e-mail (this is overwhelmingly the method used), 27% of them (or whatever the higher number is today) will open the invite and click the link on their mobile device. If you serve them up with a rotten survey experience, chances are they are gone!

So. DO A GOOD JOB of presenting a short, usable survey to them.

Secondly, the following chart shows very clearly the overally trajectory of mobile adoption. Now, it’s just talking about mobile-cellular connections and *not* about devices, but look at the growth!

Via: Lenny Murphy, Greenbook Consulting Group.

Thirdly, and finally, there is research from Morgan Stanley (and others) showing that smartphone adoption far outweighs featurephone adoption now in the developed markets and represents well over 50% of mobile phone shipments.

Surveys on Featurephones are still rather grim, but they do work. But surveys on Smartphones, when done right, can be really great!

Well, for me, this all adds up to a pretty clear future direction for feedback and surveys. Sure, it’s just another channel, but it’s going to be disruptive and it’s going to be important. So get with it !!