Horizons CAPI, Android, Offline, Done!

Paul Quinn

Paul Quinn

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Paul Quinn is a Senior Director, Product management focusing on ensuring that the Confirmit Horizons roadmap continues to meet customer demands while continuing to feature innovative new capabilities. Paul has 18 years’ experience in the MR and VoC solutions market, and regularly presents webinars which highlight new product functionality. 

Author Bio

The recent addition of Android as a device operating systems for CAPI in Horizons was a welcome announcement for MR businesses looking to run sophisticated global – and cost effective – interviewing programs. You can see it in action here and you can download the CAPI Android app itself here.

Why Android? It’s all about device cost and user experience. Confirmit Horizons CAPI has been available for many years, but only for Windows devices, and although recent Microsoft Surface devices have provided good touch support, there’s been increasing demand for the ability to harness the power of the wide range of Android devices available.

CAPI for Android delivers a great tablet-based touch experience and devices are both cost-effective and compact – ideal!

Great for global: CAPI interviewing is conducted around the globe so localization to provide local language is essential. Confirmit Horizons surveys have always supported any language, but the CAPI app itself has also been localized into 42 different languages including Japanese and Chinese. This means CAPI field forces around the world can use an app in their own language. This not only improves the user experience, it also helps reduce staffing costs as interviewers do not need to be English-speaking!

Powerful, intelligent surveys: The Confirmit Horizons engine is synonymous with powerful and intelligent surveys. With CAPI this need doesn’t diminish, if anything it is amplified. Often, CAPI is used to capture survey data in remote locations where online connectivity is rare. These studies might be longitudinal tracking studies requiring the same survey instrument to be used. Therefore supporting all of the power of a Confirmit Horizons-authored survey was essential. With CAPI for Android we’ve introduced a new engine mode, the JavaScript engine. Surveys can be authored once in JavaScript and then deployed to any collection channel, be that web, mobile, CAPI for Windows or Android and telephone; the holy grail of productivity.

In-the-moment extras: I mentioned that all of the power of Horizons is supported, including the ability to incorporate multimedia into the survey; imagery, video or great respondent experiences. Not only that, we’ve also complemented the Android system with some essential in-the-moment mobile capabilities. There’s support for GPS capture, to ensure the interviewers’ location can be stored, and the image upload question is available to allow photos to be taken and uploaded alongside the survey data.

Secure and scalable: The app is also easy to use, highly scalable and completely secure. There’s a simplified device activation process and a fantastic new interviewer experience using the app. All data can be encrypted and it’s more than capable of supporting the tens of thousands of Horizons CAPI devices worldwide.

As an existing CAPI for Windows user, embracing CAPI for Android is simple. All CAPI licensing and supervisor management is exactly the same. If you’re not a CAPI customer but would like to find out more about the CAPI add-on, please speak to your account manager.

That’s not the end of the story, with our new continuous delivery model you’ll see some great additions here in the coming months. Support for our smartphone-optimized survey rendering will be the first addition, closely followed with iOS support later in the year.

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