Facts International Case Study

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Author Bio

Facts International is an MR agency that prides itself on using innovative techniques to deliver actionable findings to their customers. When it became clear that providing tailored solutions to the increasingly discerning client base was critical to its future success, the team at Facts International began to look for a solution that could provide the sophisticated technology that they needed



This case study explain how Facts International has harnessed the Confirmit Horizons solution to:

  • Run a full call center research solution for up to 200 agents, with monitoring and call recording
  • Offer clients complete multi-mode data collection, including web, CATI and CAPI
  • Reduce interviewing costs while future-proofing the business
  • Win industry recognition by winning the Market Research Society Operational Award for Best Field Force 2014.


The Challenge 

Crispin Beale, Chief Executive for Facts International, explains: “From our beginnings in 1985, we have built a solid reputation as a reliable Market Research provider, which resulted in our acquisition by Chime Communications plc. We had a long history as experts in computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) and face-to-face interviewing, but recognized that we needed to offer multi-channel research to provide tailored solutions for our increasingly discerning customers.”

The agency had investigated new research methodologies in order to extend its portfolio and had put in place a variety of specific point solutions to facilitate IVR and online surveys. “It was becoming increasingly apparent that if we wanted to leverage the opportunities presented by emerging channels such as mobile and social media – and to integrate results from all sources to deliver real, actionable insight – we needed to move to a fully integrated, crosschannel solution,” said Beale.


The Solution 

After careful investigation of survey and reporting solutions on the market and following discussions with colleagues, suppliers and clients in the industry, Confirmit offered the market-leading solution Facts International required. It would enable the agency to offer the full range of research methodologies – including CATI, face-to-face, online, postal, SMS and IVR – from a single multi-channel solution. “One of the key factors that stood out for us was that Confirmit Horizons™ offers an extremely user-friendly scripting interface, which enables staff members who don’t normally script questionnaires to do so without programming skills in HTML or Visual Basic. Its CATI product is also available as a SaaS service via a web browser, which means that capital investment and time to install is reduced to virtually zero,” said Beale.

Other key factors that set Confirmit Horizons apart from its competitors include the ability to provide end-to-end support for the entire Market Research process. The solution is used at every stage of a client project, from survey creation and delivery, through to data collection and reporting. Data collected from multiple sources is gathered into a single hub, Confirmit SmartHub™, for reporting, which allows Facts International to deliver both top level and drill-down analysis of feedback to its clients. Aside from the technical capabilities of Confirmit Horizons, Facts International benefited from the high level of industry knowledge provided by the Confirmit team, which translated into a detailed understanding of the agency’s client needs.



Following the full adoption of Confirmit Horizons in late 2011, Beale comments that the SaaS access to Confirmit Horizons, supported by the secure hosting environment created by Rackspace, has provided the scalability and guaranteed uptime that is essential for an MR business that needs to be able to offer a consistently reliable service. Furthermore, it has revolutionized the way in which the agency shares information with clients and suppliers, providing far greater transparency.

Partners and customers are able to review data themselves as it comes in live from the field, for example, which is extremely empowering. He also cites the ability to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across the agency, including the productivity of agents in the call center, as a huge benefit. “There is clearly no comparison with paper-based evaluation systems that are prone to inaccuracy and can’t provide an immediate picture of how staff are performing. We are now able to see exactly where we are most efficient and which areas require attention, and are delighted that the costs for interviewing are reducing.” The most significant advantage of using Confirmit Horizons is the agency’s ability to provide its customers with sophisticated real-time online analysis and reporting, using Confirmit Reportal.

“Our clients increasingly want immediate feedback from surveys so that they can begin to view aggregated results and emerging trends ‘in the moment’, instead of having to wait a month for data to be analyzed and provided in a formal presentation. The auto-charting feature provided by Confirmit Reportal enables us to access raw data as it becomes available and to output it as a PowerPoint chart, for example, quickly and cost effectively.

“Demonstrating the value of research in such a transparent and immediate manner helps us to differentiate Facts International from our competition. More importantly, it enables our clients to respond to changes in the market with a dynamic decision-making process supported by real insight,” continued Beale.