Entering the Young Market Researcher Awards? Tips & Tricks

Carolyn Hall

Carolyn Hall

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An established member of the Confirmit team, Carolyn plays an integral role in promoting Confirmit’s world leading solutions for Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Employee, and Market Research programmes to its global customer base. Confirmit is dedicated to ensuring that its solutions deliver business change and value and Carolyn is instrumental in sharing best practice and thought leadership with customers, partners and the analyst community.

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We’re delighted that the submissions for our new Young Market Researchers awards are already flooding in! It looks like our judges are going to have their work cut out in identifying which entrants truly represent the future of the Market Research world. Fortunately, we’re lucky enough to not only have our own MR experts in the judging seats, but additional professionals from around the world to share their expertise as well.

But what are they looking for? And more importantly, how can you impress them? Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure your nomination knocks their socks off.

  1. Keep it focused: Think about the key points you’re trying to get across and focus on them, whether it’s particularly working practices, skills, technologies or aptitudes. Detail is great if it supports your selling points, but don’t get too caught up in incidentals if it detracts from what you’re trying to say. Consider using bullets, at least as a starting point and build out from there.
  2. Use examples: This is an important one. Share information about specific projects, results, and activities you’ve worked on to prove to the judges that you’re really delivering results and making a difference. A general overview is great, but pick out specifics that show how your input helped.
  3. Speak to your colleagues: The people you work with every day are in a great position to provide anecdotal examples of your work, your expertise and your attitude. And while you might thing you’ve thought of everything, they may be able to add a few things that will add a new dimension to your submission.
  4. Be bold: We ask about how the nominee will impact the future of MR and we really want to know. We’re not asking you to claim you’ll change the MR world overnight, but think ahead by 5-10 years and tell us what you think you’ll be doing. Focus on specific disciplines, methodologies, or fields of research where you think you can make a real difference.
  5. Use your words: We’ve stated a word count for each of the 5 key questions, and this will give you a guide as to how important each questions is in the judging process. If you’ve got 350 words to use – use them! Don’t waffle, but use the opportunity to explain clearly why you’re a great candidate.

Keep this guide in mind as you draft your answers and you’ll be off to a great start. And ask a colleague to review your submission as well. Don’t be shy, they’ll probably be delighted to help and not only is an extra pair of eyes always a good idea to ensure your words are clear, but chances are they’ll be able to add a few more examples and suggestions of things to include.

And if you’re still stuck, remember there’s our FAQ to review, or you can email the awards team at MRAwards@Confirmit.com and we’ll be happy to help you out.


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