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Confirmit Team

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deploy offline surveys across mobile devices

logo-askmev2.pngConfirmit AskMe™ is an app that allows participants to take part in multimedia or text surveys without an internet connection – wherever and whenever it suits them. Create your branded survey and send just one link so participants can take part online or download the app and complete in any location, any time. The full power of the Horizons’ survey engine is available on Android and iOS.

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The Benefits of Confirmit AskMe

  • Seamless participant experience: Designers only need to create one survey using the Confirmit Horizons authoring platform. The email that participants receive contains a clickable link. When loaded in a mobile browser the participants decide whether to take the survey online, or install the app from the Smart App Banner and complete the survey offline. If they already have the app, just one click enables them to download the survey to their mobile.


  • Simple survey workflow: You create your survey using the Confirmit Horizons authoring environment where all of the power of the survey engine is available to the AskMe app. There is no need to create multiple surveys for online and offline. A single survey link can be sent to your participants via email or SMS. It keeps it simple and avoids confusion. The participant then chooses whether to open the survey online on their mobile or tablet, or whether they wish to download the app using Smart App Banner.


  • Increase response rates: The main benefit is that participants can take part in surveys when the time and place is right for them. They could be in a plane, on a train, or in a shop. The survey experience is guaranteed, and multimedia files can be played back and captured, regardless of whether the participant has a good, patchy or no internet connection. The AskMe app helps increase the likelihood of participation by making your survey much more accessible.


  • Increase quality of insights: Participants can access multimedia files offline and the app makes viewing surveys with images, audio and video much quicker, broadening the type of survey you can deploy.


  • Unlimited downloads: Participants are able to install the app on as many mobile devices as needed at no extra cost.


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