Confirmit’s Product Managers are Waiting for you at the Open Exchange

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The rapid pace of development in Confirmit’s solutions means that we’re always looking for new ways to help keep our customers up-to-date with the latest developments across all of our products. As well as our Extranet, quarterly product webinars, and the rapidly growing Confirmit Community, we’re now adding a new channel which I think will prove to be incredibly valuable to all our users.

Confirmit Open Exchange is a new interactive webinar series for our customers to exchange information and ideas with my Product Management team about the current and future capabilities of our software.

What’s the format?

We’re planning to make these events as interactive as possible. They will feature a mix of short presentations from the Product Managers in which we’ll highlight some of the recent innovations delivered on our platform, and we’ll answer as many questions as possible within the hour long session. Attendees can pose questions on the day, or send them in advance to

When are they held?

We’ll be running the events on the first Thursday of every second month at 8am Pacific, 11am Eastern, 4pm UK and 5pm central Europe time. The first one is just around the corner on Thursday June 2nd.

How do I join?

The Open Exchange sessions are open to all members of the Confirmit Community. All users of our solutions are welcome to join the Community which provides a great way to interact with other users and with my Product Management team. Once you’re signed up as a member, you’ll have access to all the details about Open Exchange and how to attend. Access will be by pre-registration only, so make sure you join the Community here to get the details of how to participate.

What’s in the first session?

On June 2nd, our agenda will include:

  • Karin Adams showing the new features in Discovery Analytics
  • Paul Quinn sharing the latest new features in Survey Designer
  • Terry Lawlor giving an update on the upcoming version 20 release
  • Open Q&A session

We’re really looking forward to having some great discussions around our capabilities and where our technology is headed, and would love to have as many people as possible joining us for the first Confirmit Open Exchange on June 2nd. If you have any burning questions, requests or suggestions, get registered and submit them through

I’m looking forward to an open and valuable exchange of information and opinions--see you there!

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