Confirmit's Dapresy APIs Factsheet

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Confirmit Team

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Confirmit’s Dapresy APIs

What Are Dapresy APIs?

True insights from Market Research, Voice of the Customer, and Employee Engagement programs rely on the ability to correlate and integrate various sources of feedback as well as information from other business areas. To that end, Confirmit’s Dapresy provides programmatic access to your organisation’s information using simple, powerful, and secure application programming interfaces (APIs).

How Do Dapresy APIs Work?

Dapresy offers a suite of readymade integrations to connect to a wide range of survey platforms allowing for simple data download with an easy to use scheduler giving full control over data import. External data sources, that allow for data export, serve as the source. These may include data warehouses, survey systems, CRM applications, social media platforms, and many more!

The exported data is mapped to the format used by the API and sent to the Dapresy project. Once the data is activated, the import API allows full control over your datasets. The export API allows for retrieval of data from Dapresy, for both the source data and enriched data created within Dapresy.

How Can Confirmit’s Dapresy APIs Help My Business?

By using industry standards such as JSON, we’ve made APIs straight forward and easy. Confirmit’s Dapresy APIs allow you to retrieve important data from third-party systems. Once the data is received into Dapresy, you can use it to generate comprehensive business insights which can be delivered as actionable, visualized stories.

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