I’m too CX-EE for my shirt… too CX-EE for my shirt… so CX-EE it hurts…

What are we talking about? Fair question. We are talking about Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Engagement (EE). Do you see what we did? Yes, we know. Bear with us. 

To people who are really focused on either CX or EE, there’s nothing sexier than getting it right (well, not much, anyway). It might be a bit of a niche view, but we think that listening to people, understanding them, and acting on what they tell you is pretty hot. 

So we’re celebrating CX Day 2018 by launching this page, dedicated to bringing together some beautiful best practices, arousing advice, and gorgeous guidance on how to take your CX program from so-so to sexy…




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For those of us that work in Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Engagement (EE), there’s nothing more invigorating than using the Voice of our Customers and Employees to drive change and business success. Whip a few things into shape, as it were. In short, make every experience a bit more, well, sexy.

Or indeed, CX-EE. The EE bit stands for Employee Engagement, in case you were wondering. That’s pretty sexy too. But the really good stuff happens when we can bring both together – when you really get your mojo!

But what is CX-EE? Well, like things that are sexy in the wider world, this is different for everyone. Some people like a romantic restaurant with quiet music. Others like a strong uptick in ROI. It’s possible we’re getting mixed up here, but you get the point.

As CX and EE professionals, we are accustomed to the “do it all” mentality--this profession requires that we wear many hats. One day you’re a researcher, the next you’re a market analyst, and by Friday, you’re a customer relations expert. A bit of role-play can be a thrill, but at Confirmit, we’ve found that one usually suits each individual the best. To build a CX Dream Team, you should empower each individual team member to strut their specialty and wear their individual hat with pride - build a team where each person is their own kind of CX-EE.

So, what kind of CX-EE are you?

The Amorous Analyst

With a head full of numbers, data, and impossible algorithms, the Analyst is an indispensable type of CX-EE. If you’re the Analyst of the team you live for big data and love to dive headlong into numbers to figure out just what makes customers and employees tick. You won’t back down to a huge influx of feedback, structured and unstructured, and you show your stuff by knowing just how to break it down.

Your CX-EE hat screams strategizer, so your team knows that you will be the one to spearhead analytics efforts, seeing through the entire lifecycle of data gathering and analysis. NPS, NES, and NSS aren’t gibberish, but your way of keeping a pulse on and driving change; your team can trust you to communicate where these metrics stand and what they mean for your team and your company’s success.

However, the huge expectations from CX programs means that throwing around some attractive CX metrics isn’t enough. It won’t sustain budget. And certainly won’t increase it.


Your Analyst needs to tie together your CX and EE activities with hard financial data. As the Analyst, you understand people through numbers, and that is truly CX-EE.

The Electrifying Evangelist

Even the most CX-EE of programs needs to be proven. The CX-EE Evangelist understands this better than anyone. You are the storyteller of the crew and take it upon yourself to show the C-suite just how CX-EE you and your team are. Passionate and articulate, you know how to show executives that your program is worth funding.

This means talking...a lot. First and foremost, you are in constant communication with the Analyst, adding color, building the story and making really engaging. Next, you’re most definitely in bed with sales. Successful CX programs – and EE activities - rely upon successful internal relationships. And you can turn on the charm and get anyone to make a minute for you. But not just that, you know how to convince coworkers that customerdriven strategy will make a difference, especially when you’re not only talking to employees, but listening to them as well.

The most CX-EE part of the CX Evangelist job is that you embolden the people surrounding you by showing them the potential of customer-based thinking, and then proving yourself right.


Make your stories really electrifying by making them real for employees. When you hear them re-telling your stories to other people, you know you’re in the zone.

The Desirable Design Thinker

The third essential addition to the CX Dream Team is the “big thinker” of the team - the Design Thinker. Your hat might be a little unorthodox, but you wear it with confidence and that is what makes you CX-EE.

As an innovative type, you are passionate about the latest industry trends and have a keen eye for out-of-the-box concepts. You’ve been around the block with different customer engagement techniques, and know just where technology can have the biggest impact. If Snapchat and Instagram have announced new functionalities, you look to them for inspiration. But you also know when technology isn’t the answer.

The bottom line: you’re on the lookout for the next big thing – tech, methodology, or just new concepts - that will truly innovate your approach to customers and employees. You identify and put in place the most effective data collection and communication methods; you are CX-EE because you drive authenticity and thus company-wide success.


A really CX-EE Design Thinker needs to look beyond technology and understand innovations from the human perspective. You need to understand the problem and seek out an elegant solution. Tech can be pretty sexy, but to make it work, it’s all about the people.

The Exhilarating Entrepreneur

The final critical addition to the CX Dream Team is a “not messing around” kind of CX-EE: the Entrepreneur. You are corporate-savvy and know exactly how to get results through real business acumen. You can break down the complex interconnectivities of a company and can find just where the right touchpoints are to make the biggest impact. This is critical when bringing together real business insights from the CX and the EE sides of the process.


You need to be action-oriented, stripping away the fluff and understanding what delivers results and making them happen. You can speak the language of corporations and that is very CX-EE.



CX is a complex and diverse industry, but finding your niche will play to your benefit! Whether you’re excited by data, relationship-building, abstract thinking, or simply business, you’re certain to be a CX-EE addition to the CX Dream Team.