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Sarah Simon
By Sarah Simon

You agree that everybody has emotions? Great, because emotions are a key part of every customer experience. Feeling appreciative? Angry? Ambivalent? However you feel as you read this, there'll be some form of emotion there. Just as there are during any experience. And that’s why measuring emotions must be a vital component of every customer experience program.


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Jim Rembach
By Jim Rembach

Have you mastered the power to connect, retain and grow customers? Do you aspire to create a customer experience that defies the average and ordinary and is viewed as exemplary and extraordinary? Do you want to lead a customer-centric movement in your organization that is admired?

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Chris Breslin
By Chris Breslin

As part of Confirmit's 20th Anniversary Chris Breslin shares his story as part of the "20 Years, 20 Stories" blog series.

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Jason Bryce
By Jason Bryce
Lauren Azulay
Lauren Azulay

Customers and respondents like to provide feedback in their own words. In the case of surveys, respondents can do this through open questions, and in the case of social media channels they tend to provide feedback, usually unsolicited, by posting messages online.

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James Heisler
By James Heisler

Most major companies each spend thousands of dollars annually asking their customers: “How well did we do on your most recent experience with us?” What is quite surprising is that they never stop to first ask the more important question: “What is the experience you want from us?”

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