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Carolyn Hall
By Carolyn Hall

Earlier this week we announced the winners of our 20 Young Market Researchers awards. This is the first time we’ve run such a program and it was fabulous to see the level of excitement and enthusiasm of our winners.

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Miguel Ramos
By Miguel Ramos

The Internet of Things (IoT), the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment, has quickly become a hot topic for 21st century businesses and Market Research businesses in particular.

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Confirmit Team
By Confirmit Team

With Confirmit Survey Designer, you can create surveys leveraging a huge range of features to increase response rates, including dozens of innovative question types, multimedia clips, and a powerful array of feedback methods, all designed to engage your audiences and capture the insights you need.

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Holly DeMuro
By Holly DeMuro

Let’s face it, we’re in business to make a profit, right? In today’s competitive marketplace you need to be sure that every investment, be it in time or money, has a positive return. But, sometimes it seems that this is all easier said than done. For example, where can a Market Research firm hope to ‘find’ Return on Investment? How can they grow that ROI? And most of all, how can all this be measured?

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Confirmit Team
By Confirmit Team

QRS Market Research is the longest established independent data collection provider in the UK. The company undertakes many surveys that address sensitive or potentially contentious issues, and have an experienced, high-caliber team to gain respondents’ trust, enabling them to conduct meaningful interviews and gather true insight.

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Leslie Albright
By Leslie Albright

The market research industry is changing rapidly, and it is more important than ever that we truly understand what the implications are for our business and profession. The Q3-Q4 2016 edition of the GRIT Report was created to help insights professionals like you better understand where the industry is heading so you can make the right decisions for your organization.

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Celeste Hopkins
By Celeste Hopkins

As part of Confirmit's 20th Anniversary Celeste Hopkins shares her story as part of the "20 Years, 20 Stories" blog series.

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Elizabeth MacLaughlin
By Elizabeth MacLaughlin

As part of Confirmit's 20th Anniversary Elizabeth MacLaughlin shares her story as part of the "20 Years, 20 Stories" blog series.

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Steve Sutherland
By Steve Sutherland

As part of Confirmit's 20th Anniversary Steve Sutherland shares his story as part of the "20 Years, 20 Stories" blog series.

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Wale Omiyale
By Wale Omiyale

“More insight.” “Less time.” “Give me answers now.”

Demands from Market Research clients become tougher every year. 2016 has been no different and there’s no sign that 2017 will be easier. 

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