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Vandy Hamidi and Holly Carter
By Vandy Hamidi and Holly Carter

The rise of Covid-19 and the necessity for social distancing has left many of us in a situation where we need to navigate uncharted territory – business security in our home offices.

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Laura Button
By Laura Button

We’re extending the ACE Awards deadline again - the new date to put in your diary is Tuesday 31st March. 

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Brad Linville and Mark Ratekin
By Brad Linville and Mark Ratekin

I think we all can agree these are trying times. While we cannot do much to help you secure such household goods, we can help you navigate the confusing waters of Customer Experience (CX) during times of crisis.

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Dina Otero
By Dina Otero

Covid-19 is changing our communities and the way people work and live. Working from home is new to many people – at least for more than the occasional day - but there are ways to stay productive and overcome cabin fever.

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Henning Hansen
By Henning Hansen

An update to our customers, partners and the wider Confirmit community.

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ACE Awards Team
By ACE Awards Team

Now in its 15th year, the Confirmit ACE Awards are open to clients to recognize their commitment to listening to the Voice of the Customer, and also their achievements in Employee Experience. 

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Howard L. Lax, PhD
By Howard L. Lax, PhD

It may not be a classic scenario of “one step forward, two steps back,” but it seems that for every advance and forward trend in the customer experience arena, there is a contrary counter trend moving in the opposite direction or an unintended adverse consequence.

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Confirmit Team
By Confirmit Team

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we would like to take a moment to honor all the Women of Confirmit. While our company is full of smart, talented women, we’ve chosen to interview our Executive Vice President of Global Human Resources, Heidi Brumbach.

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Phil Durand
By Phil Durand

In honor of Confirmit’s ACE Awards, Phil Durand, one of this year's Judges, runs through his tricks, tips and pitfalls to avoid when writing a submission. 

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Laura Button
By Laura Button

The best thing about the ACE Awards? Celebrating our clients’ success! And we’re very excited about the celebrations that the 15th anniversary will bring. 

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