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Holly Carter
By Holly Carter

So, the other day I heard the craziest rumor ever and I have to talk to you about it! This is a little gossipy and I don’t want to call anyone out, so the person who said this shall remain nameless. But…

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Carolyn Hall
By Carolyn Hall

While the pandemic has turned the world on in its head, there’s been a lot of non-pandemic-based activity in the worlds of research, insight and customer experience (CX) too.

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Confirmit Team
By Confirmit Team

We’ve had lots of questions from customers, so if you need answers or reassurance that you’re on the right track the AIR Awards team is here to help

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Laura Button
By Laura Button

The long-awaited return of the Confirmit 2020 AIR Awards is now open for entries.

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Diego Casaravilla
By Diego Casaravilla

In September 2019, Fine Research a consultancy firm specialized in Healthcare Online and Qual data collection in LatAm, began an unprecedented study in the region of challenges in the medical profession. With the start of the pandemic, Fine Research decided to start a series of projects on COVID-19. 

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Vandy Hamidi
By Vandy Hamidi

Confirmit has, once again, successfully completed a “System and Organization Controls” - SOC 2 Type II examination for our Confirmit Horizons SaaS and Cloud offerings. 

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Mark Rice
By Mark Rice

Trust is vital as we move into whatever “normal” looks like in the near future.

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Kyle Ferguson
By Kyle Ferguson

After weeks of pretty strict lockdown in many countries around the world, restrictions are slowly beginning to lift.

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Edgars Dzenuska
By Edgars Dzenuska

2020 ACE Award Winner Series: Visma Group

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Barry Gray
By Barry Gray

2020 ACE Award Winner Series: Together with CX management partner W5, Bol Payment Acceptance conducted a complete review of their VoC program

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