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Mark Rice
By Mark Rice

There’s no sugar-coating it. Things in the global aviation industry are tough going at the moment.

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Howard L. Lax, PhD
By Howard L. Lax, PhD
Companies are scrambling like mad trying to figure out what to do with their two most important assets – customers and employees – in the face of the twin health and economic crises brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Holly Carter
By Holly Carter
We knew the digital transformation was happening, but I don’t think anyone knew there would come a time when digital would become as important as it is right now.
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Holly Carter and Wale Omiyale
By Holly Carter and Wale Omiyale
The global raise of COVID-19 has many businesses struggling and confused on what steps to take to minimize the economic impact. Market Researchers need to think about the pros and cons of continuing surveys at this time.
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Holly Carter
By Holly Carter
This pandemic, the stay-at-home orders, and social distancing … It can be maddening. We’re social creatures. We’re all doing our best, but this is hard and I think our teams are suffering.
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Victoria Goodwin
By Victoria Goodwin

Confirmit's Victoria Goodwin chats with Mike Page, CEO at Phebi to talk through the key benefits of voice enabling survey questions, emotion detection, and future exciting innovation.

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Vandy Hamidi and Holly Carter
By Vandy Hamidi and Holly Carter

The rise of Covid-19 and the necessity for social distancing has left many of us in a situation where we need to navigate uncharted territory – business security in our home offices.

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Laura Button
By Laura Button

We’re extending the ACE Awards deadline again - the new date to put in your diary is Tuesday 31st March. 

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Brad Linville and Mark Ratekin
By Brad Linville and Mark Ratekin

I think we all can agree these are trying times. While we cannot do much to help you secure such household goods, we can help you navigate the confusing waters of Customer Experience (CX) during times of crisis.

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Dina Otero
By Dina Otero

Covid-19 is changing our communities and the way people work and live. Working from home is new to many people – at least for more than the occasional day - but there are ways to stay productive and overcome cabin fever.

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