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Kimmo Parkki
By Kimmo Parkki

When preparing for the Gartner ReimagineHR Conference, I started to ponder about the concept of Continuous Listening and different shapes and forms it seems to take.

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Phil Durand
By Phil Durand
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Jason Mallia
By Jason Mallia

For those of you that follow our events, you’ll know that we’ve had a bit of a rock star theme going on this year. The Confirmit team has hosted fantastic events in New York and London already – and now it’s Sydney’s turn to step into the spotlight.

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Jessica Buffenstein
By Jessica Buffenstein

There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle of delivering a world-class customer experience. The good news is that there are tried and true methods of working on this puzzle

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Vandy Hamidi
By Vandy Hamidi

For some, security is not the most thrilling of subjects, but at Confirmit, we obsess over it. That’s why we are extremely pleased to be able to say that Confirmit has, once again, successfully completed a “System and Organization Controls” - SOC 2 Type II examination.

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Billy Behler
By Billy Behler

I have the pleasure of working with some wonderful organizations in my work at Confirmit, and while I am always aware of it, occasionally I am taken aback by the things that they do

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Confirmit Team
By Confirmit Team

For researchers and insights teams, it’s not news that clients’ expectations are growing, seemingly by the day. Traditional Market Researchers whether in-house or within agencies are under immense pressure to deliver their results faster and cheaper. The good news of course is that automation and AI help enormously with this. The less good news is that this help fuels even greater demand for immediate insights.

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Victoria Goodwin
By Victoria Goodwin

Confirmit’s Victoria Goodwin calls out three key themes she's seen in her very first few days at the company.

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Carolyn Hall
By Carolyn Hall

There’s still time to enter the 2019 Confirmit AIR awards. The AIR Awards team is more than happy to answer any questions about the submissions process and the awards program, but here is a speedy Q&A to help out as well.

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Confirmit Team
By Confirmit Team

Corporate Research is the bedrock of successful decision-making across the business. Learn how Confirmit can help you to deliver business-critical insight to your organization.

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