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Victoria Goodwin
By Victoria Goodwin

Confirmit's Victoria Goodwin chats with Mike Page, CEO at Phebi to talk through the key benefits of voice enabling survey questions, emotion detection, and future exciting innovation.

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Vandy Hamidi and Holly Carter
By Vandy Hamidi and Holly Carter

The rise of Covid-19 and the necessity for social distancing has left many of us in a situation where we need to navigate uncharted territory – business security in our home offices.

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Brad Linville and Mark Ratekin
By Brad Linville and Mark Ratekin

I think we all can agree these are trying times. While we cannot do much to help you secure such household goods, we can help you navigate the confusing waters of Customer Experience (CX) during times of crisis.

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Howard L. Lax, PhD
By Howard L. Lax, PhD

It may not be a classic scenario of “one step forward, two steps back,” but it seems that for every advance and forward trend in the customer experience arena, there is a contrary counter trend moving in the opposite direction or an unintended adverse consequence.

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David Smith
By David Smith

Confirmit recently held a dinner with insight agency leaders to discuss the future of the industry. David Smith supported the evening discussions and shares some of the themes around which the discussions took place.

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Dina Otero
By Dina Otero

It’s the beginning of a new year, usually the time when we set unrealistic goals for ourselves that last a few weeks at best. I think we should do things differently this time around.

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Howard L. Lax, PhD
By Howard L. Lax, PhD

No one said that delivering experiences that build enduring customer relationships is easy. Confirmit's Howard Lax shares how you can boost lasting bonds with your customers. 

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Phil Durand
By Phil Durand

Someone once said, ‘don’t mistake your own enthusiasm for someone else caring’. I can’t remember who said it. I could use Google to find out. It may even have been me during one of my more catty moments.

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Kimmo Parkki
By Kimmo Parkki

Employee Experience (EX) is the new kid on the block, and organizations, both consultancies and enterprises, are trying to get to grips with it. What does it actually mean? 

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Howard L. Lax, PhD
By Howard L. Lax, PhD

Customer relationships very much are premised on a quid pro quo between a company and its customers. That is, the customer/company relationship is an exchange of values, something for something.

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