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Confirmit Team
By Confirmit Team

Customer experience professionals always want to know more. It’s in our nature. What are customers thinking? What do they want more of? Did they like our staff? Were they disappointed? The list of questions can get out of hand quickly. With attention spans short and too many surveys for customers to respond to, we need to reign ourselves in a bit and look at what we already have right in front of our noses. 

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Claire Sporton
By Claire Sporton

It’s a funny thing, trying to predict the future. You can argue there’s not much point to it, and you may well be right, but at this time of year, there’s a strange temptation to give it a go anyway.

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Holly Carter
By Holly Carter

Over the past few weeks I’ve seen an alarming number of articles talking about a new trend, particularly among millennials. In homage to our millennial friends, I’d like to “spill the tea” (talk about it millennial style). So read on, this blog post gonna be lit!

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Claire Sporton
By Claire Sporton

I am not, by nature, an angry person. I’m not the most laid-back woman in the world either, but I don’t find myself really cross very often. This morning, however, an email caught my eye and it honestly made my blood boil. 

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Julie Hermans
By Julie Hermans
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Malkit Kaur
By Malkit Kaur

Late last month I joined my Aussie colleagues in Sydney for the Chief Customer Officer event. It was great to see so many customer-focused people together, all looking for ways to build better customer experiences.

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Paul Quinn
By Paul Quinn

In most of the conversations I have with clients these days, it takes about five minutes before the word “digital” makes an appearance. To help make sure that our clients can make the most of this opportunity, we’ve just made some enhancements to our digital feedback capabilities.

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Sarah Simon
By Sarah Simon

Last Thursday, I enjoyed an opportunity to interview, fireside chat style, Terry DuVarne, First Vice President at PennyMac Loan Services. Their solutions are simple and elegant yet incredible effective. What are their secrets?

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Carolyn Hall
By Carolyn Hall

There is a lot of talk about personalization in the world today. Particularly when it comes to personalizing the Customer Experience. And rightly so. Expectations from consumers and B2B buyers alike are sky high.

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Sean Conry
By Sean Conry

I’ve reported back a little last week about the recent HCI Employee Engagement conference in Denver. It was an outstanding event, and I felt compelled to highlight the great insights.

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