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Beth Magee
By Beth Magee

Last week in London we held our first Market Research User Group designed for Market Researchers to come together, network, share ideas and learn more about the Confirmit Horizons platform. 

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Confirmit Team
By Confirmit Team

The 2019 ACE Award Winners’ Showcase celebrates the success stories from companies who accomplish outstanding achievement in Customer Experience. The companies featured in the book are using the Voice of the Customer to make better business decisions that deliver better business outcomes; increased revenue, reduced costs, and company-wide culture change. GSK, LexisNexis, Mars Inc., Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific and Virgin Money are just a few of the award-winning case studies that will inspire you to turn customer experience into a serious force for business change.

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Carolyn Hall
By Carolyn Hall

You’re probably aware of CX Day by now, but if you’re not, it is the brainchild of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), a global non-profit organization specializing in the advancement and cultivation of the customer experience profession.

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Kimmo Parkki
By Kimmo Parkki

When preparing for the Gartner ReimagineHR Conference, I started to ponder about the concept of Continuous Listening and different shapes and forms it seems to take.

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Confirmit Team
By Confirmit Team

Sitting behind a computer crunching numbers, identifying trends, finding insights – it can be hard to remember that those numbers represent the thoughts and opinions of real people. Those people, their opinions, and thoughts, however, are extremely important to your research.

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Phil Durand
By Phil Durand
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Jason Mallia
By Jason Mallia

For those of you that follow our events, you’ll know that we’ve had a bit of a rock star theme going on this year. The Confirmit team has hosted fantastic events in New York and London already – and now it’s Sydney’s turn to step into the spotlight.

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Holly Carter
By Holly Carter

Advances in technology have introduced text analytics as a means of automating and streamlining review, categorization, and the analysis of sentiment behind the text. While this technology is extremely valuable, researchers and CX pros often have a lot of questions about it: how it’s implemented, how it can be used to streamline their efforts, how accurate the analysis is, how customizable/configurable it is, and how it will impact their business.

In this webinar, we’re bringing together a panel of text analytics experts including, Jason Bryce, Lauren Azulay, and Alison Bushell, to answer the challenging questions about text analytics technology.

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Confirmit Team
By Confirmit Team

Wouldn’t it be lovely if your business had a crystal ball that would tell you what to do to improve the organization and what the future held? With that information, you could plan the most effective steps to drive revenue or beat out the competition…

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Jessica Buffenstein
By Jessica Buffenstein

There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle of delivering a world-class customer experience. The good news is that there are tried and true methods of working on this puzzle

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