Text Analytics: Theme Detection and Sentiment Analysis

Find Key Insights To Improve Customer Experience

Your business is faced with ever-increasing volumes of free-form unstructured text including survey verbatim, call center notes, CRM notes, chatbot AI robots, transcribed calls and social media. Extracting real insights helps you take actions to reduce customer churn and grow sales.


Turn Text into Actionable Insights

Sifting through the huge quantities of free-form content available to you is time consuming. Even so, it is critical to determine customer intent, keep abreast of vital market trends, or get early warning of product or service issues.

The sheer scale and diversity of information sources that capture feedback is daunting. But those sources house valuable insights that can make an enormous difference in a competitive market. Ignoring them is not an option, so you must exploit them.

Confirmit's text analytics software helps scale this cumbersome process by providing a platform for companies to gain actionable insights from text data to grow your business.



Confirmit Genius

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software Platform that Outperforms Human Category Analyses 

With Confirmit’s text analytics software and tools, provides categorization and sentiment analysis using AI techniques which include deep learning neural networks and natural language processing (NLP) to produce insights that matter most to your business. You can gain insight into what is being said across different business feedback channels. Then, analyze the true sentiment for the categories that suit your business across multiple sources, receive timely alerts about sentiment changes, and align those insights with key customer metrics.

In tests, Confirmit GeniusTM Genius has delivered very high accuracy levels often exceeding 90% accuracy and outperforming human analysis.

Confirmit Genius

Fact Sheet 

Confirmit Genius is an advanced Text Analytics platform that uses the latest Machine Learning technologies to help you draw meaning from unstructured content. It is tightly integrated with Confirmit Horizons, our comprehensive, multi-channel Voice of the Customer (VoC) , Customer Experience (CX), Voice of the Employee (VoE), and Market Research platform, so you can easily combine structured data from surveys with the depth of insight and unprecedented level of detail available only in open-ended feedback. 

How Social Should You Be?

White Paper 

Monitoring social media is a big job, and it’s not something that you can just dip into every now and then if you want to do it effectively, in a way that drives action. This paper will help you decide whether your business should turn its back and about face, or give social media a warm embrace.

Warm Embrace or About Face?

White Paper 

How social should you be? Should your business be monitoring and measuring social media to drive action across the organization? Download this white paper to find out how companies are harnessing the power of social media to deliver real business benefits.

Sony Mobile Communications Case Study

Sony Mobile partnered with Confirmit to implement an advanced social listening program that’s produced a massive Return on Investment.

Read Full Case Study


Act Fast

Automate Analysis

Rapidly analyze vast amounts of content, without large staff overhead, to enable faster response to customer issues.

Richer Insights

Gain Clearer Understanding of Your Market

Gain richer insights into customer and market perceptions and those of your competitors.

Drive Action

Improve Customer Experience

Gain richer insights into customer and market perceptions and those of your competitors. Empower your teams to quickly acknowledge and engage with your customers to transform negative feedback as well as amplifying positive feedback.

Analyze, Measure and Correlate

Align Structured & Unstructured Data for Insightful Data Analysis

Integrate categorization and sentiment metrics with your wider voice of the customer program or customer experience management program to benchmark and discover trends.

You can build research studies and CX, VoE / VoC advanced feedback programs that deliver higher quality results much faster than traditional feedback techniques.

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