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Draw Insight from Unsolicited Social Media Feedback

Our social analytics tool, Confirmit Genius, helps businesses listen, analyze, and act on social media feedback from employees, consumers, and the wider market. This makes it easy for businesses to get Richer insights to support Smarter decisions and take action Faster. Social listening data coupled with traditional structured feedback from surveys and other internal business system data provides rich insights that powerfully informs decisions about product design and performance, competitive intelligence, and help you develop a better understanding of your customers and your market.

Confirmit Genius Social Analytics

Combine Structured and Unstructured Data to Achieve Unprecedented Insights

We help you integrate social feedback from a wide variety of platforms such as review sites, forums, and blogs as well as traditional social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Then we’ll help you pull it all together and analyze the data so you can draw meaning from unstructured social media feedback. Genius, our Social and Text Analytics platform is tightly integrated with Confirmit Horizons, our comprehensive, multi-channel Voice of the Customer (VoC), Voice of the Employee (VoE), and Market Research platform, so you can easily combine structured data from surveys and other feedback channels with the depth of insight and unprecedented level of detail available in open-ended feedback. For example, combining unstructured feedback with structured data can provide insight into the ‘why’ behind the customers’ or consumers’ survey responses.


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