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Enhance Data & Broaden Your Reach

Social feedback is an invaluable channel for companies to improve dialog with their customers and for Market Research firms to reach a much wider market. It offers immediacy and flexibility, and helps you to tap into what your audience is saying about your company.


Mine Review Sites, Forums, Boards, Blogs for Rich Insights

Our social media analytics tool, Confirmit Genius provides global issue tracking by crawling and filtering social media networks. Social media is not just about Facebook and Twitter - it is much bigger than that! In addition to the obvious social media platforms, Confirmit Genius can also monitor forums, discussion boards, and blogs where active discussions provide a rich source of insight that can inform decisions about product design and performance, competitive intelligence, and help you develop a better understanding of your market.

Confirmit Genius Social Analytics

Benchmark Your Social Media Buzz

Confirmit Genius Social Analytics tool captures unsolicited feedback by crawling and filtering a wide range of social media sources. It monitors social media performance indicators such as likes, followers, buzz and sentiment, and can benchmark your performance against those of your closest competitors.

Confirmit Social Brain is a key element of our social analytics tool. It is an end-user performance dashboard for monitoring the KPIs across your social media channels. It provides analysis of activity in the mainstream social media channels, including Asian channels, and tracks buzz and sentiment for specific themes across all your social media sources.

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