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Use Multiple Channels to Maximize Responses

You need to use the right feedback and research channels for your audience to deliver insight that drives action. Confirmit's data gathering software allows you to be where your respondents are, so you maximize response rates and provide a positive survey experience. Every survey you run can be made available via multiple channels and respondents can even switch between channels mid-survey to suit their needs.

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Ready to find out more about how Confirmit’s data collection software can help drive your business forward? We’re incredibly proud of our data collection solutions and we’d love to show you more. Tell us a bit about your company and we’ll show you how we can help you meet your business objectives today – and in the future.

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Personal Interviewing

Fact Sheet 

Find out more about how Confirmit CAPI can help you take advantage of Confirmit’s online survey solutions and apply them to offline projects.


Fact Sheet

Maximize productivity, improve quality, and act fast with Confirmit’s range of telephone interviewing capabilities.

RONIN Case Study

Case Study

Leading marketing consultancy worked with Confirmit to embrace the multi-channel, multi-touchpoint survey methodologies that are increasingly being requested by their global customer insight clients.

Facts International Case Study

Facts International chose Confirmit because it delivers multi-channel data collection including CATI, face-to-face, online, SMS, and IVR - all through a single solution.

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Faster Set-Up Times

Utilize Easy-Repeat Processes

Don’t waste time on low-value, repetitive tasks to set up each project. Get your programs set up quickly through simple repeatable processes.


Increase Productivity

Automate Steps to Speed Your Program

Use a range of automated processes to free up your time so you can focus on the end results of your programs and deliver real value.


Maximize Engagement

Let Your Customers Choose How to Connect

Improve engagement and insight by offering multiple feedback channels. This increases the quality and quantity of responses you collect.


Centralized Control

Leverage a Single System for All Aspects of Your Program 

Whichever channels you use for feedback and data collection, our single-system approach ensures that data and administrative processes are centralized for effective management.


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