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Confirmit provides the world’s most advanced reporting, analysis, and action management capabilities, so you can do deliver clear actionable insight.

Confirmit Horizons - Overview

Confirmit Horizons is a flexible, multi-channel software platform for Customer Experience, Voice of the Employee, and Market Research programs. It provides you with a one-stop, feature-rich solution to gain maximum value and insight from all your feedback and research projects.


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Product Features

With Confirmit Horizons, you are able to uncover richer insights, so you can make smarter decisions and execute faster reactions. Check out the features below

Survey Design

With the ability to author a survey once, then deploy it across multiple channels – including web, CAPI, telephone, mobile, and paper – it ensures the most efficient use of your time while maximizing results.

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Panel Management

Confirmit's Panel Management module provides your panel members with a great experience, maximizing the quantity and quality of their responses while streamlining your panel-management operations.

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Data Collection

Every survey you run can be made available via multiple channels and respondents can even switch between channels mid-survey to suit their needs.

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Data Integration

Move beyond survey results by adding business data so you can generate new insights and suggest tactical and strategic actions. These will drive business performance improvements for your customers.

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Social Media

Social feedback is an invaluable channel for companies to improve dialog with their customers and for Market Research firms to reach a much wider market.

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Text Analytics

Extracting real insights is like panning for gold – there are little nuggets hidden among a vast amount of less-valuable content.

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Reporting & Analysis

Confirmit provides comprehensive reporting solutions that enable you to accurately and effectively analyze and share powerful insights across your organization.

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Action Management

With Action Management, any issues your customers have are automatically flagged and
assigned to someone.

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Whether in the call center, in the board room, or running research programs in the field, capturing the feedback at the right time and in the right manner is critical to driving insight.

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