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Confirmit is the Smart Solution to Uncovering & Sharing Insights

We're the world's most powerful visual insights engine, helping you transform data into insights and insights into stories that fuel action.

Solutions Overview

Confirmit was built by insight pros in Voice of the Customer, Market Research, and Voice of the Employee and provides a self-service technology that lets you unlock powerful insights and tell captivating stories to fuel action.  
  • Voice of the Customer Action-Inspiring, Visualized Stories Imagine sending visualizations like this to your stakeholders. This is what Confirmit can do for you!
  • Market Research
  • Voice of the Employee
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Heathrow Case Study

Learn how our visualized stories helped Heathrow Airport give passengers the best airport service in the world by uncovering the "how" and "why" behind passengers' feedback and behaviors.

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Our Technology

With Confirmit, you have access to a comprehensive, end-to-end visual insights engine. With solutions for everything from data collection to visualization, storytelling, and action, Confirmit can support virtually every aspect of your program.  
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Brands that Chose Confirmit

“The combination of Confirmit’s technology with its consultative approach is a big win for us.”


First VP, Loan Administration,
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“Our program is rooted in pragmatism and is tailored to each client, with a focus on delivering meaningful actions. Confirmit plays a crucial role in helping us deliver this offering to our clients.”


Director of London, B2B International
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“One of the things I appreciate most about Confirmit is the sophistication, is the functionality, is the fact that they’re constantly pushing barriers.”


Associate Director, Engage
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+10 Years
With many clients working with Confirmit for more than 10 years, and the addition of new customers, we can proudly point to a 5.4 year average customer tenure.
We support 7 of the top 10 global MR firms.
You can expect consistent, knowledgeable service with our 96% employee retention rate.

Why Confirmit?

Selection criteria for your research platform
  • A True Partner

    Our people take a collaborative, trust-building approach to business - we are your partners.

  • Data from Every Channel, Every Source

    We have an open API, so you can bring in any data you need. And, it's just as easy to share data back out to your other business systems or BI tools.

    Don't have the data you need? We provide comprehensive data collection capabilities - every source, every channel!

  • Flexibility & Power You Need

    We provide virtually limitless possibilities for survey and dashboard design. You get to decide how your surveys and dashboards look and behave with Confirmit.

    Ever wish you could accommodate personalized dashboards, unique to specific stakeholder's needs? With Confirmit, you can! You can choose how granular and personalized the insights you deliver are based on the unique needs of your stakeholders.

    With Confirmit, there are no limits. You can use ANY metrics, benchmarks, third-party research data, etc. that work for your business. Even internal metrics that have meaning only for your team.

    We provide cutting-edge technology. Ya know, the cool stuff like visualized storytelling, open APIs, and AI.

  • Putting You in the Driver's Seat

    We make it easy for you to provide self-service capabilities to your business users - with built-in guardrails!

    With our modular approach, we're flexible enough to step in wherever you need us! You can use Confirmit for just data collection, just reporting, or both, depending on your needs.

  • Simple, Transparent Pricing

    Confirmit makes the complex simple. And our pricing is no different. That's why our pricing model is built for flexibility, simplicity, and transparency.

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