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Confirmit helps retail organizations listen to, analyze, and act on feedback that drives customer loyalty and retention, improve profits, and drive positive word-of-mouth advertising with our customer analytics software.

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RS Components: Connecting Customer Experience with Culture Change

RS Components’ CX program captures feedback from customers across 29 markets in 17 languages and has delivered incredible value to the company. In this short interview, Paula McKillen, Head of CX Development at RS Components shares her advice on how to build a successful Voice of the Customer program (VoC) that drives cultural change.

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Screwfix VoC Case Study

Screwfix is the UK’s largest multi-channel supplier of trade tools, plumbing, electrical, bathrooms and kitchens. The nature of the Screwfix operation means that understanding the customer experience at every touchpoint is essential in ensuring consistently high levels of service, and in identifying potential areas of customer frustration. To achieve this, Screwfix undertook a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program with Confirmit.

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Maximize VoC ROI and Improve Profitability in Retail


Consumer behavior is always changing. The problem is that many retailers cannot anticipate those changes or adapt quickly enough to preserve or grow their market share. Download out infographic to see how you can leverage your Voice of the Customer retail program to improve your bottom line by helping you anticipate customer behavior and act more quickly.

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The Total Economic Impact of Confirmit for Financial Service and Insurance Organizations


Every business’ VoC nirvana is generating a true and measurable return on investment (ROI) from their VoC program. And, every VoC software and service vendor claims to be the “vendor that provides ROI”. But, Confirmit can prove it! Download the Total Economic Impact for Insurance Infographic to see the Return on Investment other insurance organizations have enjoyed by partnering with Confirmit.


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How to Drive Customer-Centric Actions in Retail


In this webinar, Kathleen Leischen, Leischen Marketing Research and Miguel Ramos, Mobile Practice Lead at Confirmit, explained how effective management of feedback actions can help your organization become more customer-centric and develop a motivated and engaged workforce, and provided real-life examples of how this has worked at other leading retail organizations.


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Confirmit Voices for Retail: Powering Voice of the Customer Programs


The retail customer experience is core to achieving customer loyalty, positive word-of-mouth and, ultimately, profitable growth. The experience needs to deliver on your brand’s promise, and you need to understand where you are succeeding - and failing - so you can create retail experiences that keep customers coming back to you. Read the data sheet to find out how.

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RS Components Case Study


In 2014, RS Components undertook a strategic Voice of the Customer (VoC) program with the aim of systematically and consistently capturing insights into the customer experience. This would allow RS Components to gain visibility into, and create ownership of, the customer across the organization through real-time reporting – including individual case management. Read their case study now to see how they did it.

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Large Retailer in the USA

One of the United States’ largest retail brands has nearly 700 stores and is the leading provider of content, digital media and education products struggled to capture and analyze customer support feedback. Despite its focus on high-quality products and commitment to the emerging digital content market, the retailer placed little focus on soliciting actionable data from customers to better understand and improve the customer service experience. Download the case study now to see how they turned their business around by implementing a strong Voice of the Customer Retail Program.

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ACE Awards Winners Showcase

The winners’ stories in these pages demonstrate how dedicated to the Customer Experience has the power to drive retail organizations forward, delivery competitive advantage and Return on Investment. In this book, you'll learn how retailers such as Canada Goose, Sears and Ulta are using the Voice of the Customer (VoC) to drive change.

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