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Our market research solution will take your MR program to the next level. Confirmit helps companies in the market research industry successfully deliver high-quality programs to their clients, by providing software and services that span the entire MR lifecycle from survey design and deployment to data collection, panel management, data processing, analysis and reporting.

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How to Make the Most of IoT (Internet of Things) Insights

Household items such as LED light bulbs, toys and washing machines are evolving and their capabilities reach far beyond their original intention. These items are now called “smart objects” and they are key components of the “Internet of Things”.

It is predicted that by 2020, the world's population will be connected to approximately 50 billion "smart objects".* Companies in the market research industry needs to adapt to changes in technology. We predict these devices will produce data that will greatly enhance the real-time insights available to Market Researchers and their clients and will challenge conventional thinking around data collection.



BMG Research Putting Innovation at the Heart of Social Research


In order to gather valuable insight from often hard-to-reach individuals and groups, BMG Research has long understood that constant innovation, both in terms of research methods and technology, is essential.


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Datatelligence - Reliability and Flexibility Prove Business Critical


Driven by pressures to cut costs, Datatelligence moved from Confirmit Horizons to an MR platform that seemed to meet their needs. Within six months, the company was back with Confirmit Horizons.


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SurveyMy: Harnessing Mobile Feedback to get the Full Picture


SurveyMy, one of the leading online and mobile Market Research companies working across Asia Pacific, needed to expand its mobile strategy to build an accurate picture of lifestyle drivers and choices in each individual country.


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New Frontiers in Market Research


Only 37% of Market Research buyers (corporations) expect research spending to increase. When questioned about the expectation for decreased or stagnant MR spending, some corporations stated that many traditional research companies aren’t adapting to the changing landscape of industry, business, and technology. In this report, we will explore some exciting new technology that will help you stay on the cutting edge of innovation.


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Political Buzz: Why Social Media Counts


The rise in use of social media platforms presents Market Researchers with exciting new ways of obtaining insights into consumer thinking, opinions and attitudes towards events of the day. Very little proven research has been conducted utilizing social media sources, and so Confirmit and SSI seized the opportunity to embark on an experimental study to compare and contrast traditional methods of data collection through online panels merged with social media data. Fortunately for us, the timing coincided perfectly with the start of the campaigning for the UK 2015 Parliamentary elections.


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5 Steps to Maximize Market Research Technology's ROI


The Market Research software you use has a direct impact on the quality, accuracy, and relevance of the insights you deliver. In this infographic you will learn the steps you need to take to Maximize Market Research Technology's ROI.


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Global Respondent Participation: The Real Story


The groundbreaking GRIT Consumer Participation in Research study provides key findings on research participation globally. Respondents are the lifeblood of market research, and knowing how to reach, engage and understand people is at the very core of impactful insights. Listen to the panel of experts, joined by Wale Omiyale, VP Business Development at Confirmit, as they discuss the results and implications of the GRIT CPR study and how it can help researchers understand and improve consumer participation.


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Tips for Leading Disruption in Market Research


63% of market researchers believe that the MR industry will be impacted by more disruption in the coming years. Now is the time for you to decide whether your firm will be the disrupter or the disrupted. Technology has opened the door to myriad possibilities that can help you be the disrupter! Download the infographic to see how you can leverage this opportunity.


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