Recommended Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Employee and Market Research Partners

Enhance Your Project by Leveraging Our Partners’ Expertise

Looking to get the most of your VoC, VoE or market research programs? We work with carefully selected partner companies to provide solutions that complement our offering and extend the capabilities of Confirmit's platforms. Check out our recommended service providers, resellers, system integrators and technology partners below:

Affectiva is an MIT Media Lab spinoff. Its emotion recognition software – based on patented science using deep learning – measures and analyzes facial expressions of emotion. Affectiva’s technology can be embedded in Confirmit surveys to enhance any Market Research or Voice of the Customer program by measuring a respondent’s unfiltered and unbiased emotional reaction to videos.

Clipstream video streaming software (by Destiny Media Technologies) is completely compatible with Confirmit survey software. Clipstream Video has been used to securely deliver video, audio and secure images in over 600 online surveys over the past 3 years for leading marketing Research companies.

Cross-Tab provides outsourcing and online paneling services in the market research & analytics domain to global clients in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, from its offshore service centers in India. The company has offices in Seattle and Chicago in the US and in Bangalore and Mumbai in India.

Dexterity is a leading provider of research operations solutions to Market Research firms across the globe. With a team of highly skilled professionals across the US, UK and India; Dexterity offers market research operations, international data collection and project management support to its clients using leading industry standard platforms and client proprietary technologies.

Imperium provides a comprehensive suite of technology services and customized solutions to verify personal information and restrict fraudulent online activities. The world's most respected market research and e-commerce businesses rely on Imperium's technology and custom engineered solutions to validate their customers' identities, verify data accuracy, automate review processes and uncover the intelligence that improves profitability.

Infobip is a global communications platform for business that helps to get your message across. With more than a decade of international experience through more than 50 offices on six continents and covering more than 800 networks, Infobip's 2Way SMS coverage spans over 52 countries and helps businesses to quickly and easily engage with customers.

InVADE is the preferred dialer partner for many of the biggest Market Research companies and is trusted with multiple millions of call hours per year, reliably, 24/7, anywhere in the world.

Language Connect provides translation services in 140 languages and can process XML script files exported from Confirmit. We code verbatim comments in 50+ languages including semantic, media analysis and branding.

LivingLens, a pioneer in video intelligence software, enables you to capture and analyse video at scale. The LivingLens engaging and powerful video visualisation platform tags, transcribes, translates, and filters the videos so you can quickly analyse the spoken word, actions, objects and sentiment, whatever the language. LivingLens’ technology can be embedded into Confirmit Horizons to enrich MR, VoC or VoE surveys.

At Magnify Solutions our aim is to help you with your Confirmit needs, If you need more recourse help in Confirmit? That’s what we do. We help clients build their Surveys, Reports, Panels and Portals. Clients view us as their extended Confirmit technical team. We want to help where expertise and overflow is needed.

Memis focuses exclusively in Italy on software products and support services for the market research industry, from survey design to data collection and analysis. As the reseller for the Italian market, Memis distributes and supports Confirmit's products and services, providing a center of expertise that enables users to maximize the benefits from these products.

ODEC is a company of services and software solutions for data gathering and processing, with specific solutions for all the areas related to data management.

PinPoint Research is the leader in providing Voice Driven data collection and data processing for the customer experience (CX) enterprise market. With over 30-years' experience, PinPoint Research pioneered the use of IVR technology for consumer survey research. Today, our proprietary hosted IVR survey and Speech-to-Text data processing technology solutions power the largest global brands’ surveys and voice data collection enabling real-time voice of the customer and CX solutions for call center and retail global applications.

Square Systems provides IVR, Voice of the Customer telephone surveys, web surveys and SMS surveys with unified online reporting. Opinion-8 is one of Europe's leading IVR solutions and its integration with Confirmit Horizons creates a true best-of-breed solution.

Sytel Limited develops and supplies the leading auto dialer for Market Research, with many years’ experience integrating with CATI apps including Confirmit. Sytel delivers excellent predictive dialing performance under outbound regulation, minimising agent idle time and maximising productivity. With integrated IVR, recording and monitoring, the Sytel dialer can be deployed premise-based, hosted or centralised.

TextAnywhere Ltd is a UK company with a mission to deliver high quality, trusted text message business solutions. All our energies and resources are channelled in to providing and developing ever-improving and wide-ranging text-messaging solutions for our clients. TextAnywhere integrates with Confirmit Horizons to enable SMS surveys.

Ugam is a global leader in data and analytics that helps retailers, brands and market research firms transform big data into valuable insights. The company’s unique managed services offering combines a proprietary big data technology platform with deep domain knowledge and analytics expertise to empower clients to make decisions that improve their business. For retailers, online marketplaces and brands, Ugam supports better merchandising, marketing and channel management decisions through the use of analytics. For market research firms and insight-based consultancies, Ugam offers a portfolio of solutions, including end-to-end research operations, technology transitioning support, and data warehousing, visualization and reporting that enables them to better serve their clients. Five of the top 10 U.S. retailers, four of the leading Australian retailers, many of the world’s largest brands and online marketplaces, and 13 of the top 25 market research firms work with Ugam because of its ability to deliver high-quality insights with unmatched customer experience.

Virtual Incentives provide a full-service platform and API technology so you can deliver digital gift cards instantly to anyone, at any time. Confirmit’s Horizons platform has been tightly integrated with Virtual Incentives to provide a seamless survey-to-reward experience while keeping your data secure and reducing your risk of fraud.

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