Employees, HR Directors and Business Leaders to Benefit From ‘Disruptive Listening’


ENGAGE recommits to Confirmit Horizons to put data-driven advice at the heart of employee engagement strategies


London, UK and Oslo, Norway and New York, NY: 28 June, 2017: Growing demand from business leaders and employees for a move away from once-a-year, one-way “listening” is at the heart of a new, integrated approach to employee engagement developed by ENGAGE and enabled by Confirmit Horizons

ENGAGE, a specialist employee engagement, leadership effectiveness and internal communication consultancy, has renewed its long-standing relationship with Confirmit for another three years. This will ensure ENGAGE can achieve its aim of enabling companies to meet employees’ expectations for more ongoing, two-way and dynamic communication with leadership. The commitment to Confirmit ensures that decision makers can harness active listening approaches, such as panels or apps, to proactively connect with employees in order to develop targeted and timely interventions that can have a real impact on business performance.

Dr Andy Brown, CEO at ENGAGE explained: “Today, employees have a much higher expectation about their ability to contribute to an organization’s performance and profitability. They demand almost real-time and ongoing dialogue with managers, leaders and each other about the issues affecting their ability to deliver. Comfortable with social media and all manner of apps to speed up communication, they expect companies to listen and be more responsive to their employees all year round.

“Combined with a very real shift in mindset about the impact that employees can have on customers, innovation, efficiency, sales, growth and productivity, it’s becoming more apparent that companies are willing to embrace agile feedback collection methods in order to increase the speed with which this impact can be identified, addressed and acted upon. Confirmit Horizons is key to enabling us to help businesses implement this agile approach” he added.

ENGAGE uses the Confirmit Horizons employee feedback solution to harness the full spectrum of HR Big Data and to put data-driven advice at the heart of employee engagement strategies. A broad range of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, as well as leadership, manager and employee panels, are used to gather employee feedback. This feedback is then used to develop action management plans, monitor talent retention and loyalty, measure key business metrics, and link all of these factors to the customer experience. ENGAGE also uses the data it gathers to explore leadership effectiveness, capture the sentiment of the business at the shop floor and track the impact of engagement on the bottom line.

Tim Hannington, EVP at Confirmit, added: “Businesses are under increasing pressure to create highly engaged teams of individuals that are motivated to go the extra mile and value their role in the overall success of the organization. ENGAGE is working tirelessly to help companies harness their most important asset – their employees – and we are delighted to be working with them to capture actionable insight that can support the changing requirements of business leaders going forward.”

By collecting smart data about the employee with the same regularity as customer and financial data, and using analysis capabilities that have already been proven in customer insight, organizations can recognize an individual’s performance, tailor development opportunities and take a live ‘pulse check’ on the success of internal communications. This process also drives closer integration between employee engagement and customer experience, increasing organizations’ ability to harness data from all areas of the business to better understand and measure the impact of decisions, in real time.

ENGAGE has experienced significant growth in the last 12 months with the addition of several FTSE 100 companies to its client roster. The ongoing relationship with Confirmit will ensure the company can meet increased demand for agile employee engagement programs that provide immediate insight into the Voice of the Employee.