TVH uses Voice of the Customer to Elevate the B2B Customer Experience


London, UK, Oslo, Norway and New York, NY, 27th November 2018: TVH, the global supplier of parts and accessories for material handling and industrial equipment, has selected Confirmit to support the implementation of its new worldwide Voice of the Customer (VoC) program.

The program, which focuses on the TVH Parts business, underpins TVH’s corporate mission to drive excellence in customer relationships. It will be delivered as part of a three-year deal with Confirmit.

Silke Verfaillie, Business Project Manager at TVH, explained: “Our decision to create a global VoC program is the result of our corporate initiative to improve the customer experience (CX). TVH is committed to better managing our customer practices and matching our performance with changing customer demands.

“We have already worked hard to identify customer-facing processes and analyze how effective they are in terms of the quality of customer interaction we deliver. The VoC program will take this to the next level. We will use the insight we gather to take action that puts the customer at the center of all our business activities.”

TVH’s dedicated CX Team will manage the program, using it to gain a robust and detailed understanding of the customer experience. This will drive the business to become more customer-centric across every process.

Tim Hannington, Chief Revenue Officer at Confirmit, said: “TVH has a clear understanding of the value that customer insight delivers and the importance of sharing it across the organization. We’re delighted to be working with a company that is dedicated to putting CX at the heart of their business. Our VoC expertise and our robust technology solutions are a great fit for TVH, and we look forward to working together to deliver their clear customer goals.”

Confirmit will provide TVH with its proven combination of VoC consultancy and the Confirmit Horizons platform. The platform will enable rapid deployment of multi-channel, multi-lingual feedback surveys to TVH’s customers across the US and European markets. It will provide TVH with tools including text analytics, drill-down dashboard reporting, alerting and closed-loop capabilities. It will also enable integration with sales and CRM databases.

Verfaillie concluded: “We are a B2B organization and we need to bring our customer experience in line with expectations seen in the B2C world. The combination of Confirmit’s consultants and technology will ensure we achieve this. We will be able to deliver the operational excellence we strive for through continuous, measured improvements and innovative business practices.”