No Need for B2B CX to Get Stuck in the Mud Says Confirmit


Claire Sporton, SVP, CX Innovation at Confirmit urged close to 100 CX professionals at its B2B Summit in London yesterday to get a better understanding of where they sit on the CX continuum if they want to harness customer experience and not get bogged down in the complexity of managing multiple customer journeys.

Instead of playing lip service to CX, in order to look like a customer-centric organization, Sporton stressed that making CX work in the B2B environment and delivering demonstrable ROI requires a much deeper appreciation of both the nature of the business proposition and the nature of the relationships that need to be managed.

“We all know that the B2B evaluation, purchase decision making, implementation and renewal increases the complexity and number of steps for each customer journey. And that most prospects don’t engage with the sales team until the B2B purchase is virtually over! However if the data and insights gathered at every touchpoint along the way are not released from operational silos, the ability to identify sales opportunities can become even harder and CX initiatives can stall,” said Sporton.

“This problem is exacerbated when there are multiple contacts to manage client-side, and when more than one person or in-country teams are involved in the buying decision. The challenge is even greater for multinational organizations whose route to market is via the indirect channel.”

According to Sporton, the solution is to break down B2B complexity from a journey, silo and relationship perspective and harness richer insight from all sources in order to understand what is important to each contact client-side - end users, procurement and key decision makers – and the interplay between them.

“To understand what is important to each individual, you must define and prioritize a CX program that will help you to identify at-risk accounts or opportunities to cross-sell. You need to inspire every member of your team to make smarter decisions and take faster actions that will benefit the entire business portfolio.

“The goal is to provide frontline teams with the insight they need to provide a differentiated and personalized service to each customer that will not only create client advocates but contribute to the ongoing profitability of your business,” Sporton added.

“Focus on the nexus or ‘sweet spot’ of what matters to your customer and to your business and you will keep moving forward, instead of getting stuck in the mud.”

Sporton was joined at the event by Joana van den Brink-Quintanilha, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Inc, Joel Harrison, Editor-in-Chief, B2B Marketing, Rachel Buckley, VP, Customer Experience, Envigo, Nick Thompson, Practice Leader: Employee Engagement, ENGAGE Group and Max Donelan, Research and Insight Manager, Lloyds Banking Group.