Getting Back to Basics


CX leaders show how to tame technology to reclaim your customer’s journey

Some of the world’s leading CX specialists are set to reveal how organizations can transform their relationships with clients by using technology to simplify and personalize the customer journey.

Hundreds of business executives will hear from Confirmit customers and specialists at the Customer Experience Innovation and Tech Fest conference in Melbourne this week (19 June).

Confirmit, the global solutions provider for Customer Experience, Voice of the Employee, and Market Research will also host an exclusive dinner with one of Australia’s leading CX experts, Adam Geneave, Vice President of Customer Experience at Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific & Wyndham Hotel Group South East Asia & Pacific Rim.

Mr Geneave, a speaker at the conference, will discuss how organizations should get back to basics.

“This new era of Customer Experience is exciting but all the new innovations and buzz terms can confuse and complicate our customer advocacy,” Mr Geneave said.

“The danger is that by focusing on the technology buzz we can forget about the basics of customer experience.

“Technology should empower not overpower our relationships with our customers by creating personalized and memorable experiences with our organizations.”

Confirmit’s Director of Customer Experience Management, Phil Durand, will also give a presentation on using technology to bridge gaps between departments to ensure data and customer knowledge are not trapped in silos.

“It is not uncommon for large organizations to have numerous databases for the same customer in different silos,” Mr Durand said.

“When each department also has a different IT system then that creates even greater divisions within the company.

“By using technology, we can bridge those gaps and unite the databases to provide clearer, richer customer insights. But as Adam rightly says, the technology is there to support and empower.”