Lieberman Extends Confirmit Partnership to Support Global Market Research


Flexibility and customization of Confirmit Horizons to drive continued success

Great Neck, NY, London, UK, Oslo, Norway: September 17, 2019: Lieberman Inc., one of the largest and fastest-growing independent full service Market Research companies, has renewed its long-running relationship with Confirmit to support the company’s ongoing focus on meeting the needs of their global clients.

Working together since 2008, Confirmit has been a long-term, strategic partner for Lieberman who continuously looks to innovate and uncover new knowledge for their clients. A large benefit to Lieberman working with Confirmit has been the flexibility of the Confirmit Horizons platform and ability to create highly customized projects. 

“We often incorporate advanced, multi-variate techniques into our respondent surveys, so Confirmit’s flexibility was – and continues to be – a very appealing quality for us,” said Mitchel Horowitz, Partner and Chief Methodologist at Lieberman. “Confirmit has made it easy for us to develop specialized data collection modules with traditional screeners, as well as classification and demographic sections.”   

In addition to leveraging the Confirmit Horizons platform, Lieberman uses Confirmit’s mobile app capabilities as well as the translation module for multi-lingual studies to pioneer novel methodologies, such as their latest screening innovation, Tournament. 

“At Confirmit, we’re acutely aware of the growing needs of our Market Research partners, and that includes flexibility, scalability and customization,” said Shirley Panek, Vice President of Client Development, Confirmit. “Particularly for Lieberman, these qualities are required for their wide array of services that span globally – and we’re delighted to continue working together and exchanging expertise to drive better outcomes.”

Horowitz concluded: “Confirmit has helped us reach our goal of being a one-stop shop for our corporate Market Research clients. We look forward to continuing our partnership and delivering even better results for our clients.”