Confirmit Puts Innovation and Ease of Use at the Heart of Solutions


Confirmit Horizons v24 delivers advanced, AI-driven solutions to boost productivity

New York, NY, London, UK, and Oslo, Norway: September 6, 2018: Confirmit has announced a range of new capabilities to its platform, building on the ground-breaking new solutions launched earlier this year.

Launched as part of the rollout of Version 24 of the award-winning Confirmit Horizons, the new features are designed to support global multi-channel feedback and research programs.

Terry Lawlor, EVP Product Management at Confirmit said: “In creating the latest iteration of Confirmit Horizons, we have delivered intelligence-driven innovations that drive ease of use and productivity. This is critical to Market Research businesses and companies running Customer Experience and Employee Engagement programs who need to deliver value quickly and effectively”.

Confirmit’s solution-based approach provides end-to-end support for the entire solution workflow within a single platform. Following the launch of two new solutions earlier in 2018, the new capabilities focus on ease of use and market-leading innovation, driven by AI and machine learning techniques.

Major innovations added to the new solutions include:

  • Confirmit Action Planner added to B2B Account Health. A collaborative tool that supports the launch and management of change-based business initiatives tied to specific business outcomes. Action Planner provides intelligent suggestions for best practice actions to improve the KPI along with collaboration tools to speed up implementation of the initiative.
  • Benchmark support added to Employee Pulse. This enables companies running agile Employee Engagement programs to provide context to results, so managers understand how they compare to benchmarks like industry norms, overall company scores or specific targets and get a better understanding of the results.
  • Advanced scenario management for Digital Experience allowing easy creation and maintenance of multiple intercept surveys.

Cross-platform ease of use additions include:

  • Concept Miner, which uses the latest AI techniques to ensure quick and easy understanding of the key insights that may be hidden within text data
  • A new report accelerator that integrates structured and unstructured data using advanced statistical techniques to get the full picture of where to focus for maximum impact 
  • Enhancements to CATI capabilities to handle and route inbound calls, blending them with existing outbound calling schedules
  • Additions to Survey Designer to streamline survey creation and deliver more engaging surveys
  • Significant enhancements to SmartHub and CRM Connector for Salesforce to facilitate easy import and export of data between Horizons and external systems
  • Enhanced user experience for mobile respondents through a range of improvements to responsive survey layouts.

Confirmit has also addressed the latest compliance considerations in Confirmit Horizons Version 24. To cater for GPDR, the platform allows users to define data retention periods, anonymize personal data and export data from multiple surveys at the same time.

Lawlor summarizes: “The latest additions to the platform are provided as part of our continuous deployment approach. We are building intelligence into our solutions to enable people to more easily tackle their most important ‘jobs to be done’. Our aim is to empower individuals around the organization to take action based on insight by providing the tools they need to make smarter decisions. These enhancements do just that.”