Time for Organizations to Engage on all Fronts says Confirmit


Attendees at Confirmit’s “Driving Customer and Employee Engagement” recently were urged to focus on bringing together their Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Employee to build a truly ‘Engaging Organization’ recognizing the value of engaging on all fronts in order to drive change and to improve business performance overall. Claire Sporton, VP, Customer Experience Management at Confirmit was joined by partner, Engage, and customers, BSI and NHBC, to talk about the benefits of taking an integrated approach to customer and employee engagement.

Dr Andy Brown from Engage, encouraged attendees to stop thinking about customers, employees and performance as separate issues that have no direct impact on each other:

“Instead, ask yourself how you can best engage your employees to engage with your customers. It’s time to take a more strategic approach by identifying engagement drivers for both employees and customers alike, and linking engagement to business objectives such as reduced employee turnover, increased customer spend and improved business growth.”

“Replacing tactical, ‘scores on the doors’ bar charts with more insightful driver analysis will automatically increase the focus on improvement but the ultimate goal should be in-depth analysis of the links between VoE, VoC and financial data to provide real business foresight. That’s the most effective way to demonstrate the tangible Return on Investment (ROI) that building an Engaging Organization can bring,” he added.

Tony Reilly, Group Marketing Director at British Standards Institute (BSI), confirmed that moving beyond Voice of the Customer has been the key to driving success across the group:

“Maintaining a clear focus on the customer has long been high on our agenda but our recognition of the role that our assessors play in ensuring customer satisfaction, and our ability track that satisfaction back to each assessor, has enabled us to identify and reward employees that are committed both to the organization and its goals, and to its customers. Linking our ‘One Voice’ VoC program with our employee engagement program and customer profile data has undoubtedly enabled us to streamline our products and processes, and differentiate our customers based on their needs. It’s enabled us to provide a professional yet individual service and achieve outstanding customer satisfaction scores (NPS 50+) which are crucial to our continued growth.”

Christine Smith, Head of Claims, NHBC focused on the link between customer satisfaction, employee engagement and financial performance:

“There is no doubt that service or, in our case, build quality has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. Gathering feedback at every stage of the process, from site surveys during construction as part of our highly acclaimed Pride in the Job awards, through to capturing  home buyers’ views after occupation has enabled us to show that on award winning sites NPS scores are significantly higher as are overall levels of satisfaction. Our work with the industry through Pride in the Job and the provision of Customer Satisfaction data also helps drive engagement with our house builder customers."

Claire Sporton provided some suggestions on how to accelerate the convergence of your Voice of the Employee and Voice of the Customer to deliver a truly holistic program and ensure success:

  1. Make it real: demonstrate the link using your own  financial data    
  2. A different perspective: Get your team’s view on your customer experiences and understand the gaps
  3. Make it personal: Use CX data to help your team members make the connection with your customers and understand their own role
  4. Map it out: Use Customer Journey Mapping as a tool for engagement and communication
  5. Lean on “Lean”: Business process improvement is a tool in bringing together VoC and VoE to deliver business results.  

Claire Sporton will be judging Business Impact category at the forthcoming UK Employee Excellence Awards on 27th March. Find out more here http://e-x-a.co.uk/