Inspirational Insight: Four Techniques to Bring the Voice of the Customer to Life


February 11, 2015: Insight can be a tricky matter to get right. It requires a balance of individual and aggregated details, direct and indirect feedback, structured and unstructured data, and must provide both a big-picture and in-depth view. While you can of course learn a great deal about your customers through transactional surveys, being truly customer centric requires that balance to be just right. You need to get much closer to your customers, when they are directly – and indirectly - interacting with your business, and when they’re not.

For Voice of the Customer professionals – particularly those running more mature programs, there are a number of avenues to look at when seeking new ways to add context and depth to the insight that your program delivers. Read this article to discover four techniques that will help take your program to the next level.

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