Confirmit Introduces new Software-as-a-Service Environment in Australia and New Zealand


London, UK and Oslo, Norway and New York, New York: Confirmit has responded to growing demand in Australia and New Zealand for fast, reliable and secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions with the launch of a new SaaS environment for Confirmit Horizons in the region.

The investment in a dedicated SaaS site located in Sydney supports Confirmit’s global growth and offers three key benefits to customers in the region.  

  • Increasing the speed of delivery of Confirmit’s customer experience, employee engagement and Market Research solutions
  • Enabling more effective deployment of time-sensitive CATI interviews and mobile surveys alongside other research channels
  • Addressing the growing need for in-country data storage as government and large institutions strive to protect sensitive customer, corporate and financial data in accordance with the Australian Privacy Act.

Arnt Feruglio, Chief Operating Officer at Confirmit explains: “Our decision to create a local Confirmit Horizons SaaS environment will enable companies to adopt the SaaS model whilst ensuring that Australian data remains in Australia. The move to SaaS will enable companies to reduce the total cost of ownership typically associated with on-premise solutions.”

“We have a great track record in providing reliable and secure SaaS access. We delivered 100% uptime from our SaaS environments in the UK and in the US in 2014. Confirmit’s teams have worked hard to ensure that the new SaaS environment is secure, reliable and offers low latency which is essential for a good user experience and high completion rates. Confirmit Horizons also delivers a high level of automation and regular deployment of updates which means that we can provide an efficient, resilient and up-to-date service throughout the year,” he adds.

The new Confirmit SaaS environment is hosted by trusted partner Rackspace and supported by long-term reseller Information Research Management (IRM). IRM has supported Confirmit as its sole reseller in Australia and New Zealand for over 11 years, providing training and operational support to customers in both territories, including the NRMA, Pure Profile and Fairfax Media.

Commenting on the announcement, Chris Breslin, General Manager, Information Research Management, said: “The introduction of a premium, incredibly low-latency SaaS service by Confirmit will transform the use of CATI and mobile in the region, enabling short, engaging, in-the-moment interviews and surveys to be deployed on smartphones. Delivering local hosting removes any remaining road blocks to the use of SaaS for many large organizations and we look forward to bringing the benefits of both SaaS and Confirmit Horizons to existing and new customers.”