Confirmit Explains Why Social Media Counts at Research and Results, Munich


Case study on 2015 UK General Election will highlight opportunities for MR professionals.

London, UK and Oslo, Norway and New York, NY: 22 October 2015: Confirmit will advise that the rise in use of social media platforms presents Market Researchers with significant new opportunities. At the Research and Results International Trade Show in Munich, Germany on 29 October, Confirmit will highlight new ways to obtain insights into consumer thinking, opinions and attitudes towards major social, political and cultural events of the day.

Terry Lawlor, EVP Product Management at Confirmit will highlight the challenges and lessons learned from Political Buzz, an experimental joint project with SSI that sought to ‘compare and contrast’ social research and traditional MR methodologies in the run up to the 2015 UK Parliamentary Elections.

Lawlor explains: “Very little research has been conducted utilizing social media sources and the UK Election provided a perfect opportunity to examine the pros and cons of both social research and traditional MR in capturing the mood of the nation.”

Although many of the battles between protagonists took place on traditional media, it became clear that social media platforms played an increasingly important role in communicating and sharing messages with the UK electorate.

“The challenge for Market Researchers is how to leverage social media platforms as part of the overall MR strategy. The survey showed that social and text analytics can be harnessed to help capture the ‘Voice of the Nation’, supporting traditional surveying techniques. It is clear that well-defined social media mapping, clean taxonomies and rigorous analysis of social media data are key to making the most of social media for Market Research,” he adds.

Political Buzz will be presented by Terry Lawlor at Research and Results on Thursday 29 October at 9.45am in Room 6 of the MOC Convention Center in Munich.

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