Aussie Firms Chime in on Market Research


MR giant Chime Insight & Engagement Group delivers its Confirmit-powered customer experience expertise to Australian businesses

International Market Research agency, Chime Insight & Engagement Group, has launched its pioneering PowerProbe and PowerCode applications in Australia.

The multi award-winning research programs have taken the international Market Research industry by storm, transforming real-time qualitative feedback into fast, actionable insights for their clients.

Chime Insight & Engagement Group is utilizing Confirmit Horizons’ cutting-edge multi-channel solutions and fast, secure local Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environment. These provide Australian businesses with small or large scale telephone, personal, online and interactive voice response surveys 24/7 and in real time.

Crispin Beale, Chief Executive of Chime Insight & Engagement Group, said the company’s expansion into Australia was a natural progression due to high client demand for global research and the growing importance of the Australian and Asia-Pacific markets.

“PowerProbe and PowerCode have changed the way consumer insights are gathered and reported by merging traditional methods with sophisticated new technologies such as geo-location, eye and path tracking,” Mr Beale said.

“These programs enable us to conduct tailored, sophisticated interviews which deliver high quality, actionable insights in real-time.

Confirmit Horizons provides the multi-channel capabilities we need to maintain this high level of respondent engagement.”

Floyd McMillan Chime Insight & Engagement Group Managing Director Australia, said Confirmit’s Horizons solution and dedicated SaaS site were critical to providing clients with fast, safe and highly flexible services.

“It is clearly incredibly important in this age of heightened security to have a safe, secure local SaaS environment,” Mr McMillan said.

“Our clients are reassured by the fact we are able to give them confidence through our use of Confirmit solutions.”

Chris Breslin, Confirmit Manager Australia said Chime Insight & Engagement Group’s expansion into the Australian market reflects global recognition of the growing importance of customer experience.

“Insight teams and Market Research professionals are now demanding streamlined processes to provide actionable insight that can enhance the customer experience and support timely decision making,” Mr Breslin said.

“Confirmit Horizons provides the multi-channel capabilities they require to maintain a high level of respondent engagement.

“Interviewers can switch from mode to mode very quickly, ensuring respondents are able to complete surveys using the channel most appropriate to them, at the  most convenient time.”