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Learn about upcoming events we are attending and sponsoring. From market research conferences, to VoC events, and regional tradeshows – our team loves to teach, learn, and network! Come meet our representatives and learn how Confirmit can help your business grow to meet customer demands. You can also watch our live webinars, or view past ones on-demand.


Conference: Omni Channel Exec Forum

March 20, 2019
Lisbon, Portugal

The Omnichannel Exec Forum is specifically designed for shared knowledge, collaboration and innovation, as the cross-vertical exec forum to discuss the new way of thinking necessary to survive in an era of omnichannel. Move away from “how to” sessions on CRM and AI and focus more on the bigger picture, Customer Loyalty, Profitability, Customer Rentention and Organisational Structure.

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6th Annual Pharma CEM Summit provides a unique opportunity to get insights into areas such as customer centricity, customer engagement ecosystem or the effective multichannel strategy. Get the answers to your questions regarding the engagement with customers in digital world, the journey of successful digital transformation, analysing data to provide personalized experience both locally and globally.

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Customer experience concerns everyone from the CEO to the CMO and even the CIO. Emerging technology, customer-centricity and effective use of customer data are critical elements to ensuring your CX strategy is as powerful as possible in a competitive and digital landscape.

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The Richmond Market Insight Forum, now in its 12th year will play host to 120 senior insight and research professionals and 60 research service providers.

The Richmond Market Insight Forum allows you to make new connections with people face to face, in person, real time. We believe in the power of being present. In a technological era, face to face interaction is still the most effective way of forming collaborative business connections. 

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Conference: ESOMAR Congress 2019

September 8, 2019
Edinburgh, UK

ESOMAR Congress has been at the forefront of showcasing data, research, and insight innovation for over 70 years, and 2019 is no exception. Over four days, and across multiple tracks of cutting-edge, never before seen content, curated by industry-leading thinkers and professionals. When you attend ESOMAR Congress, you know we only ever put on stage what you really want to see and hear.

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CX Europe 2019

November 14, 2019
London, UK

Customer experience (CX) leaders have successfully elevated and transformed the practice of CX over the past decade. We’ve become more professional, more analytical, and more focused on business impact. Congratulations! 

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