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Learn about upcoming events we are attending and sponsoring. From market research conferences, to VoC events, and regional tradeshows – our team loves to teach, learn, and network! Come meet our representatives and learn how Confirmit can help your business grow to meet customer demands. You can also watch our live webinars, or view past ones on-demand.

Conference: Forrester CXNYC

June 19, 2018
New York, NY

The most successful brands have learned to deploy deep customer understanding to deliver compelling, engaging, experiences in the moment. The next generation of CX innovators, however, are using the insights derived from deep customer understanding to discover completely new business opportunities, expand customer relationships into new verticals, and explosively grow revenues.

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Declining response rates and low levels of participant engagement are never far from the minds of Market Researchers, Customer Experience teams, and insight professionals. But is there really that much you can do about it?

Yes. A sophisticated, innovative research platform can help you to create engaging, and – dare we say it – fun surveys that can reduce survey fatigue and boost engagement. Furthermore, by harnessing efficiencies and automation, you can save time in the survey creation process, delivering demonstrable ROI, and freeing up your teams to focus on delivering value from research projects.

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One of the biggest challenges in research today continues to be engaging the youth market - whether that’s generation Z or their slightly older millennial counterparts. The impact of always-on, smart technology has clearly shaped the attitudes and behaviors of the youth market, making it increasingly challenging to engage them in research activities.

But opportunities do exist to capture the essence of this generation if we’re willing to be agile and tailored in our research approaches. The key is to use the channels already heavily embedded in the generation’s psyche, making engagement a natural process rather than a forced event. Here, perhaps unsurprisingly, mobile and social are critical. But, it’s not just the channels that are important here; it’s the way in which those channels and available technology are used.

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Building a Customer Experience (CX) program is a huge challenge but the rewards can be high, particularly for the persistent CX practitioner who continuously evolves the program and finds ways to add value to the business. What happens if your program stops evolving and delivering ROI? Disappointment can lead to disillusionment among stakeholders, and a successful CX program needs support from across the business.

Assessing the state of your CX program is a critical step in understanding where you are now, where you need to get to, and the best next steps to take your program forward. A structured approach, based on experience and industry-validated best practices, can show you the path to long-term CX results.

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We live in a world connected by technology with the digital customer at its heart, and TechNOVA: Connected Customer is the ticket to understand how that will affect your business.

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This conference focussed firmly on the key issues, challenges and opportunities around engaging our customers – and our people – and included world class case studies, expert opinion and analysis, panel discussions and high level interactive networking and polling technology.

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Conference: CX Innovation & Tech Fest

July 30, 2018
Melbourne, Australia

Customer Experience has shifted from being a marketing tactic to being a core strategic business function. Technology is the essential tool and enabler of this shift, which is why we are hosting CX Innovation & Tech Fest.

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As leaders are becoming both empowered and accountable for driving engagement, HR’s role is evolving to one of guidance and support while introducing tools and initiatives that create a high productive workforce.

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Conference: Forrester CXSF

October 2, 2018
San Francisco, CA

A tidal wave of digital tech has engulfed the theory and practice of breakaway CX. Automated platforms like bots, animated by AI and machine learning, promise powerful, personalized customer experiences.

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Conference: TMRE: The Market Research Event

October 16, 2018
Scottsdale, AZ

Make 2018 the year that insights deliver by attending the industry’s most trusted, most supported insights event. TMRE gives you access to the people, best-practices, and cutting edge providers to ensure you translate insights into bottom line impact.

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