Confirmit—Intelligence for Financial Services

For financial institutions, it's crucial to create strong relationships with customers. The competitive landscape means you need to provide outstanding customer experiences to stay ahead. A solid Voice of the Customer program will help you understand what customers demand from you and how to meet those demands.

Protect Your Reputation to Drive Growth

Building strong customer relationships that promote loyalty and positive word-of-mouth is key for financial institutions. Such companies are often at the forefront of the customer service debate, and the ability for unhappy customers to share comments with a wide audience means that businesses who want to create competitive advantage need to listen carefully.

Voice of the Customer Empowers Your Business

  • Resolve Issues Quickly
    Customers are quick to make their feelings known, so the faster you can reach out to them and resolve any issues, the better. Not only do you improve the relationship, you reduce damaging negative word-of-mouth.

  • Streamline Processes
    Complex internal processes can produce substandard customer experiences that damage your reputation. Use the Voice of the Customer to understand how to streamline the processes that are holding back your business.

  • Identify Investment Opportunities
    Your customer experience program can provide invaluable insight into areas where investment will have most impact. Whether it's enhanced staff training or investment in new channels or technology, your customers are well placed to guide you to where the wisest investments lie.

Powerful Solutions for Finance

  • Feedback Channels to Suit Your Customers
    Your customers expect to be able to communicate with you in a way that suits them: through your contact center, at a branch, online or, via mobile channels. You can use all these channels to gather "in-the-moment" feedback, which increases engagement with the process and provides insight that drives action.

  • Alerting that Drives Change
    Confirmit's Alerts Management Console helps you to react fast. You can prove to individuals that you're listening by reacting to specific comments. At a higher level, you can identify where underlying problems damage experiences for entire customer groups.