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Introducing Confirmit Genius: Mining for Hidden Truths in Free-Form Content

Terry Lawlor, EVP Product Management, Confirmit
Airdate: July 2014

Across your business, you are faced with ever-increasing volumes of free-form content. Whether this content is survey responses, call center records or social media data, extracting key insights is like panning for gold - there are little nuggets hidden in there amongst a vast amount of less valuable content.

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New Methods for Turning Employee Engagement into Business Intelligence

Sean Conry, Senior Account Development Manager at Confirmit,
Steve Grant, President and CEO of Newmeasures, and
Dr. Leanne Buehler, Vice President of Consulting Solutions
Airdate: June 2014

Most organizations understand that there is an intrinsic value in developing employee engagement. However, many companies are finding that it is no longer sufficient to only measure an engagement score once every 1-3 years. In this time, the face of an entire organization can change. Without the ability to monitor how engagement is affecting key business outcomes on a continuous and personalized basis, Talent Strategy will always be one step behind.

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Connecting Customer Experience to Business Outcomes

Claire Sporton, Vice President, Customer Experience Management, Confirmit
Airdate: June 2014

Positive customer experiences are not just nice to have. They have a direct impact on the success of your business. Promoters of your organization spend around 50% more than detractors and are 20 times more likely to recommend your products or services to others.

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Equinix Case Study

Gaining customer insights from around the world is a feat in itself. Making those insights immediately accessible and actionable in an information-driven world is nearly impossible for most.

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I want my photos!

It's been a few months since the deployment of the initial phase of Confirmit Horizons Version 18, but there's already been a lot of activity on the platform.

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Action-Oriented VoC: The Path to Value

Bruce Temkin, Managing Partner and Customer Experience Transformist, Temkin Group
Claire Sporton, VP, Customer Experience Management, Confirmit
Airdate: April 2014

Just about every company listens to its customers in some way or another. But what differentiates successful organizations is their ability to act on what they hear.

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Top 5 reasons to attend CCC'14

Have you registered for CCC’14 yet? Many of your peers are already signed up and ready to join us in Orlando from May 8-9, Oslo on May 21 and London on June 3. There are still spaces left, so you can register today!

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The Confirmit Guide to Customer Centricity

Discover how to implement a successful Voice of the Customer program, from initial preparation to the delivery of excellent customer experiences through empowered staff.

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Best Practice in Customer Experience Management

Discover how Voice of the Customer programs can help retail businesses understand what their customers want and use this knowledge to increase return on investment.

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